Glazing Applications

External Glazing Systems

Types of Architectural Glass

Glass roofs and skylights: The inclusion of glass roofs or skylights in a building help to maximise the light and space that external glazing systems bring to a property or building. The use of sloping glass provides many benefits including thermal, solar control and enhanced insulation.

Glass canopies: The use of canopies can help create a striking and unique entrance by utilising different glass designs and fittings.

Windows: Glass panes are used on almost all building exteriors. Double-glazing options can improve insulation, keep interiors cool during summer, energy efficiency in heating and air conditioning systems and keep external sounds to a minimum.

Glass Extensions: A valuable addition to any building, creating more space and light. As the extension is predominately glass, it is crucial to choose the best type for your project. It must stay cool in the summer months as well as reduce heating bills in the winter, requiring good insulation.

structural glass roof in a barn extension (1)

External glass doors: A variety of different textures including translucent, matt and textured all help you to create the look you want whilst adding light.

Glass facades: A double glazed glass façade allows you to have thermal insulation, energy efficiency and helps to keep the interior cool during the summer. A wide range of options are available from tempered to coloured enamelled, creating a variety of different styles.

Glass wall cladding: Decorative glass wall cladding is available to use for internal or external glazing systems and a wide range of designs allow you to create the individual look you desire

Self Clean: utilises UV light and rain to dissolve and wash away any dirt on eternal glazing systems, resulting in longer-lasting clean windows.

Solar Control Coating: reflects up to 2⁄3 of heat back outside maintaining a cooler temperature inside, and helps reduce glare.

Low-e Coating : helps to improve energy efficiency and maintains a comfortable interior during the winter. This diverse product range can be used in both domestic and commercial builds for patio and French doors, conservatories and windows.

double glazed aluminium sliding glass doors in a kitchen extension (1)

Acoustic Glass : A transparent plastic interlayer is sandwiched between two sheets of glass, which absorbs sound.

IQ Fireglass: a fire-resistant glass that can either be used for internal or external glazing systems.

Laminated Glass: The use of laminated glass is advisable for safety reasons as it is less likely to cause injury in the case of breakage. In laminated glass, the glass will remain bonded to the PVB interlayer if a break occurs.

Swissspacer: A composite plastic spacer bar with thin metal membranes to ensure leak tightness and excellent adhesion for glass sealing compounds. It's also available in a range of colours.

Security Laminates: approximately five times more resistant than normal glass, this safety glass has had a special heat treatment to make it stronger and less resistant to impact.


Single Point Fixed: this consists of double glazed units with concealed bolts, enabling a sleek finish and large panes of glass.

IQ Heated Glass: allows a fully integrated heating system by using double or triple glazing that emits heat. Controlled electronically, it helps to prevent condensation, allows greater energy efficiency and provides more light for the building. It can be used for windows, glass roofs or skylights, conservatories, and other components that make up external glazing systems.

Electrochrome: a Solar Control glazing that ranges in colour from clear to dark blue, depending on the season or atmosphere. This product always remains transparent and can improve energy efficiency and a regulated building temperature, helping to maintain a regulated building temperature, reduce energy costs and lower the building's carbon emissions.

Light Emitting Glass: LED Glass is used to enhance individual architecture both internally and externally. By utilising light and colour, this product can be used to create different ambiences or to highlight particular features. It also retains transparency when turned off.