Updated January 29, 2024

Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy and Statement

Updated 29th January, 2024


The Policy

IQ Glass Group is the UK’s leading supplier and subcontractor of structural glazing systems operating within the UK and internationally.

With a growing team of more than 80 employees, IQ Glass is committed to reducing its environmental footprint year on year in line with the government’s sustainability goals through recycling, minimising waste, improving operational and logistical efficiency, responsible sourcing of materials within the supply chain ensuring all suppliers heed to the benchmark of the industry including FSC certified, LEED certification, and working towards BREEAM’s net zero emissions.


Key Strategy Points

The key points of IQ Glass’s strategy to achieve a low carbon footprint:

• Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

• Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power requirement.

• Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.

• Source and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.

• Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.

• Set high standards of environmental management within company procedures

• Act as a good neighbour to the local community

• Take steps to reduce energy consumption

• Identify, assess and control risks to the environment

• Plan, set and communicate internal targets to monitor defined environmental objectives

• Develop and maintain a positive approach to the environment

• Seek improvement in environmental performance by carrying out internal audits and review

• Provide appropriate environmental communication, education, training and resources to implement the policy.


Recycling Wood

At IQ Glass, we recycle more than four metric tonnes of wood each year used to package and distribute products to our factory and to site. The wood is collated and sent to be recycled into pellets used as bio fuel for heating systems in schools and agricultural buildings.


Recycling Glass

We are actively working with companies at every point in the life cycle of glass products to increase recycling. We are committed to recycling any glass waste wherever safe to do so, raising awareness through education in our CPDs and internal professional development courses about the recyclability possibilities of glass as a material, improving ecological, social and economic impact, enhancing the lives of our customers and employees.

Our Project Management team offer to take away old glass waste from project sites for the nominal fee of transporting the waste material where it gets delivered to an established glass recycling company in the Midlands and is recycled for all applications.


Recycling Aluminium

All waste aluminium, scrap metal and metal filings are collected and recycled from our off-cuts, underpinning our mission to reduce landfill and promote sustainable waste management.


Paper Waste

At IQ Glass, we are committed to reducing our paper use throughout all areas of the IQ Glass group. We strive to achieve a paperless working environment. Our various computer systems are designed to reduce paper use wherever possible.

The Papercut printing system has been implemented to reduce printing and therefore paper waste.

All site operatives are equipped with tablets to reduce site-based paper.

All paper used must be recycled through our in-house secure paper waste boxes. Not only do these provide a secure way to dispose of paper that may contain PII, but this paper is recycled.

This policy is available to the public on request and is communicated to all IQ Glass Group staff  via induction training and is updated through e-mails and at Directors/Management Meetings and which involve all our colleagues.