Structural Glass Roofs

IQ Glass can design and install large glass roofs supported by frameless glass beams or slim steel supports for a minimal appearance

Frameless Glass Roofs

Structural Glass can be utilised in roofing areas to create a fully glazed roof to any space or room. Especially useful in internal rooms where external windows are far away or small and rear extensions where side windows may be restricted due to neighbouring properties.

These overhead elements of structural glazing will allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter a space and with the improvements in glass technology, can still keep a space warm and comfortable whatever the external climate.

Structural Glass roofs will generally need some type of structural support. Low Iron glass beams can give a great completely transparent horizontal element to a space with frameless detailing at the edges to hide all brackets and fixings to the structural glass beam.

Glass Roof Design

Where glass roofs are meeting a vertical section, such as a structural glass wall, glass fins can be used vertically to support the glass beams on the outer edge of the space to further extend the fully glazed appearance. The fixings between the glass fin and beam will be designed utilising IQ’s expert minimal detailing to create a clear and neat glass to glass junction with minimal framing or fixings. This detail is used greatly on glass box extensions.

For a different appearance steel T or box sections can be used to support the glass joints within a glass roof. These minimal steel supports can span large distances and can suit a more industrial effect design.

The use of technical glass solutions and coatings can make your structural glass roof a higher performing element of your project.

At the Showroom

The IQ Glass showroom, located just outside of London, has a variety of structural glazing solutions on display. This includes a large, bespoke structural glass roof that is supported by a mix of glass beams and steel supports.

An electrochromic glass pane was also incorporated into the glass roof design, helping to prevent solar gain and solar glare in the internal space whilst allowing clients to see the visible change in the glass.

Our showroom is easily accessible by public transport and a visit gives you one on one time with a technical sales advisor to discuss the glazing options for your projects whilst showing you how the system act in a real-life situation.

For more information or to book your showroom visit, contact the team today.