Glass Box Extension

IQ Glass can offer a fully bespoke or modular approach to glass extensions and modern conservatories using a variety of different supporting methods to achieve the appearance required.


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Bespoke Glass Boxes

Glass Box extensions or Frameless Conservatories made from structural glass units and supported with glass beams and fins.

Glass Box extensions or modern conservatories can create a completely clear, frameless extension space with no metal supports visible. By using frameless pieces of strong structural glass with laminated glass beams and fins the entire construction can be completely glass.

The full range of IQ’s technical glass solutions can be used within these frameless glass boxes for highly performing space. Heated glass can provide the sole heat source for the extension space, solar control coatings can provide effective solar protection and low maintenance coatings help lower maintenance and cleaning on these large frameless glass structures.


Frameless Glass Boxes

These types of frameless glass boxes can be used as both a modern conservatory and a glass extension depending on requirements. Using highly efficient double glazed, or triple glazed units, these fully glazed structures can still be a comfortable warm environment with a thermal performance to adhere to Building Regulations for extension spaces. To learn more about the difference between a conservatory and an extension read our learning portal.

Glass Box Extensions can integrate any number of access openings from our slim framed sliding door system, bi-fold door sets, to bespoke flush glazed hinged doors and more.

The classic 'glass box' has undergone many developments over recent times including the move from single glazing to super-efficient double glazing, less metalwork and the introduction of oversize sliding doors with smooth operation.

A structural glass conservatory is one of the most popular glazed editions to homes across the UK. It’s easy to see why. With full integration of our heated glass, solar control coatings and contemporary sliding doors, we can create a modern space which you can inhabit all year round, whilst adding great value to your property.

Frameless Glass Box Extensions and Conservatories allow you to extend your house with an ultra-modern conservatory capable of bringing more light and space into your home whilst enabling you to enjoy your garden throughout each season.

At the Showroom

Where can I see a glass box extension in person?

To take a look at the construction of a glass box extension for yourself come along to the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham. Our offices have been extended thanks to the addition of a large structural glass extension.

The glass extension showcases a variety of supporting structures (including steel T sections and glass beam/fins). The glazed extension also includes an opening door which showcases the connections and supports involved with this type of opening addition within structural glass.

During your visit to the IQ Glass showroom you will also have the opportunity to take a look at detailed drawings of previous projects. You will also have access to our expert design team who will be able to sketch out detail suggestions and give an insight into how we might design the connections for your glass extension.

To book your appointment simply contact us and arrange a suitable time and date.


Bespoke Extension Designs

How are glass box extensions made?

Glass box extensions are made completely bespoke and most sizes for glazing panels integrated into these extensions can be accommodated.

These bespoke glass boxes can include a whole range of supporting methods, including glass beams + fins or steel section supports. They can also incorporate a wide range of decorative glass solutions, technical glass solutions and shapes depending on your project requirements.

Integrated Doors

Most glass or glazed extensions will want to incorporate some type of opening door within the structural glass box. These integrated glass doors can be chosen from any of our door systems including steel, timber, and aluminium framing.

A minimal framed door design is often desired. This type of door maintains the minimal glass design that is created from the structural glass used as the fixed walls and glass roof.

Below are some of the most popular options for doors integrated into a glass box extension design:

minimal windows sliding doors – for a minimal aluminium frame.
Mondrian External Doors – for a minimal steel frame.

But remember that you can specify any door to be integrated into the structural glass installation.