Glass Side Return Extensions

A side return extension or side infill extension is a contemporary glazed solution to home extensions that adds value and much needed space to the rear of any type of property.

Glazed Side Infills

Side Return Extensions or Side Infill Extensions are generally used on older Victorian/Georgian style homes where extra spaces were added to the rear of the properties as housing demands increased. The left over passage to the garden area is often an underutilised and narrow space used as storage.

By extending the rear of your property to incorporate this passage into your homes envelope you can open up your downstairs living spaces and kitchen and improve your access to the garden.

The use of glass in these small renovations is hugely important.

As you are generally extending out to meet the party wall in most terrace houses you will lose any side light you did achieve through the original wall. Here, using large glass roof over the whole area will maximise your natural light influx and create a much lighter space than you have previously.

Structural Glass Extensions

By introducing a side return extension infill extension to the rear of the property you have to also now change your access point to the garden. This is normally a great opportunity to introduce as much glass as possible to the rear elevation of the home.

Moveable glass elements such as minimal windows sliding doors or sliding folding door systems will allow you a much better window to your garden and will then create the ‘indoor-outdoor’ effect at these points, further extending your home through the garden space.

Using flush floor finishes with these opening elements will make this interchange between inside and out much more seamless and greatly improve the connection to the garden, making the outside space more accessible.

These relatively small renovations and extensions can make a huge difference on how you use your home and space, and the introduction of clever glazing can greatly improve the usability and draw to the rear section of the home.

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