LED Glass

LED Glass allows you to create an illuminated pattern or design within any glass element.

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Illuminated Glass

LED Glass creates a changing, illumined glass construction for numerous applications. It can be installed into a double glazed unit for external purposes or uses in single glazed format for internal uses or purely decorative applications.

Single or double strips of LED lights are fixed down the edges of the glass unit. Any pattern requested or required is screen-printed onto the glass surface enabling the LED light to be refracted from these enamelled surfaces creating lit patterns on the glass.

Glass sizes can go to a maximum of 3600mm x 1800mm in one panel meaning you can create very large light diffusing panels to create fantastic finishes. If a panel is under 600mm in height only one strip of LED’s will be needed meaning that you can have frameless one fixed LED Glass panel for use in balustrading or internal light panels.

Unique Decorative Glass

Any number of patterns and images can be etched onto the glass for complete freedom of design.  Company logos, patterns or images can be silk printed onto the glass surface to create your illuminated design inside the glass unit.

The LED lights can either be coloured or white depending on the effect required.

All LED Glass units can be used as a structural element, externally, internally or constructed onto a solid wall or structure.

Electronic control can be held over the LED lights to enable colour changes, varying luminosity and dimming to create a dynamic, moving glass interface and can be pre-programmed to certain displays or patterns.

Low Iron glass is always used in these glass units to get maximum clarity of colour and light through the units.

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