Fire Rated Glass & Glazing

Fire Rated Glass is a specialised sector of glazing that has been specifically designed and tested to withstand smoke and fire to protect inhabitants.

Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glass or fire resistant glazing utilises cutting edge technology to minimise sightlines of fire rated glass assemblies and maintain a contemporary design throughout.

Fire is one of the biggest building risks to life therefore, it is essential to depend on specialist fire protection contractors for fire rated glass solutions.  IQ Glass is the recognised leader in glazing systems for fire rated applications such as fire rated glass walls, fire rated frameless glass doors and fire proof glass floors.

Fire resistant glass is an effective fire barrier due to its transparency, and the ability to see smoke and flames early. Specialist fire-rated glazing assemblies supplied by IQ Glass create this transparent barrier in fire rated facades of up to 90/90 protecting exit ways and essential travel routes through any building.

IQ Glass offers complete fire rated glass solutions including framing, fire rated glass and installation. Fire Rated Glass must be installed into pre-tested fire rated systems.

Frameless Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glazing is available in fixed frameless installations as well as full fire rated glass systems with a frame.

In addition, a fully bespoke service is available along with the option of fire assessments and full fire tests to achieve unique sizes/performances.

IQ Glass consults with architects, designers, contractors, project managers, building managers and end users to ensure that Glass Fire Protection is at the forefront of these innovations and is committed to bringing new products to the UK market.

The dramatic increase in the use of glass for fire rated construction has led to the development of really exciting glass related products becoming available. IQ Glass is at the forefront of these innovations and is committed to bringing new products to the UK