March 15, 2019

The Installation of the Apertio Solid Entrance Door


The New Luxury Entrance Door in the Showroom

This year we have installed a variety of new products into our showroom to showcase new trends and systems within glazing and architectural design. Within our new products, we have launched a new range of luxury entrance doors called the IQ Ingresso range. Within this range, we have the Apertio Glass, the Belgravia and the Apertio Solid Entrance door (which you can see installed at the entrance of our showroom).

The new Apertio Solid Entrance Door in the Showroom

The Apertio Solid is a unique design that has been engineered with security and contemporary styling at the forefront. As with the other entrance doors within this range, the door can be designed with different finishes to the internal and external faces. This ability means that the entrance door can be designed with a traditional style exterior, in keeping with the aesthetic of the property, while a modern finish can be designed to the interior.

The existing bifolding door in the showroom

The installation of the Apertio Solid saw the removal of the aluminium bi-folding doors that have served as the entrance door to our showroom for many years. Members of our installation team worked over three days to remove the bifolds from the steel structure they were originally installed within. A new aluminium frame was fabricated to fit within the existing opening to house the new Apertio Solid Entrance Door and the two large sidelights to either side of the entrance door.

The bifolding doors were removed, ready for the new aluminium frames

To either side of the Apertio Entrance Door, two large glass sidelights were installed in keeping with the glass façade of the glazed extension. These sidelights showcase how the Apertio Solid Entrance Door can be installed to create a contemporary entrance design to residential properties.

The installation of the new aluminium frames

The Apertio Solid Entrance Door in the showroom was designed in porcelain with an ‘Oxide Bruno’ finish to the exterior and a slatted internal face of ‘Wenge Oak’. The surrounding frame and handles of the door were finished in PPC Black.

The entrance door and two sidelights have been installed

The Oxide Bruno finish creates a rust-like aesthetic to the door, resulting in a contemporary entrance design. This entrance door has been designed with an external ‘short handle’ finished in a black powder coat to match the framing. Internally an ‘inset pull handle’ was installed with cylinder knob to lock the door from the inside.

Beginning to add the finishes to the interior

Aluminium pressings were added to the internal and external face of the steel frame that supported the opening for the Entrance door and sidelights. The pressings were also finished in a black PPC to create a cohesive design and a sophisticated finish.

The internal face of slated 'Wenge Oak'

There are many handle locking options for the Apertio Solid Entrance Door including an electronic locking operated via a card reader or keypad, a pin or card, or a mechanical key locking system.

To see the Apertio Solid Entrance Door in person, call 01494 722 880 to arrange a showroom visit with one of our advisors.