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A Dual Faced Entrance Door

The Belgravia Entrance Door comes in a range of styles and finishes to achieve a contemporary or traditional aesthetic depending on the design requirements. A key feature of the Belgravia Door is the ability to specify a different finish on the internal face of the door and a different finish on the external face. There are various areas within the UK that have restrictions on the design of entrance doors, especially within conservation areas, therefore having this versatility in design allows for a traditional finish externally and a super modern interior finish to meet these exacting standards.

This luxurious door can be designed in a range of configurations, including transom glass and side lights with a range of glass options. The door is installed flush to the finish of the property and with concealed hinges for a modern minimalistic aesthetic.

The faces of the door are not the only element that come with a choice of styles and finishes, the aluminium frame can be designed in a choice of either brushed steel, rusted Corten, burnished brass, RAL 9016 or RAL 9005. The Belgravia Entrance Door comes with a choice of handle styles and finishes, as well as door knocker designs and spy holes.

Built in Security

Designed with an electro-galvanised sheet steel core with 3 horizontal reinforcing bars and 2 vertical omegas, the Belgravia Entrance Door boasts outstanding levels of integral strength, surrounded by an aluminium frame and sandwiched between the internal and external covering panels manufactured from a choice of materials.

The door structure features horizontal reinforced bars adjoining the vertical Omega structure encasing a layer of insulation to provide high levels of thermal performance.

The locking cylinders have horizontal access and are tamper-proof; the key is used to open the door from the outside whereas from the inside the door can be opened and closed with the handy knob cylinder which has 10 movable recognition keys. The exclusive 3-in-1 patent allows the coding of the key to be changed 3 times without changing the cylinder, offering highly efficient security levels.

The locking systems can be operated through various methods including; via a smartphone app, a security card, a keypad or a remote / transponder key.

Modern Interior, Timeless Exterior

The internal panel covering of the Belgravia Entrance Door can be designed with either a traditional or super contemporary finish to achieve the desired look. There is a collection of style lines to choose from, each offering unique detailing, finishes and bevelling options.

Finishes available include a range of quality wood in various tones that can be smooth, carved or decorated with various grooved shapes with a choice of bevelled edges for a luxury aesthetic.

The wooden door coverings can be finished in a broad array of coloured paints and lacquers in a wide selection of RAL colours to create the desired finish to compliment the interior design. The Hesla line of panel coverings has a section of steel for the handle panel with either a number of horizontal panels stretching across the width of the door, or two single panels above and below the handle panel, the Hesla door design offers a contemporary finish to the interiors.

The Belgravia at the Showroom

The Belgravia Entrance door is available to view in person at the IQ Glass Showroom in Amersham. 

This showcase door was designed to show just how versatile this modern entrance door can be. The external face of the door is designed with a classic, traditional design. Crafted from natural timber, the external side of the door is designed with a classic 'Belgravia' style; with squared panels and an artistically sculpted trims. The external door face is then lacquered in RAL 9005 (black, matt) to continue that classic design. 

Internally, the front door has a contrasting and sleek design, with dark bronze lacquered panelling. The internal door handle and trims are all coloured bronze to match. 

The beauty of the Belgravia Entrance Door is that both the internal and external design of the door can be created to your specifications. Many designers like a clean, minimal white internal design to the door whilst designing the external face in conjunction with neighbouring properties. 

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Tailored Entrance Doors

Although there are a range of door design lines to choose from, there are also bespoke options to help create the perfect design for the specific project or location. As the Belgravia Entrance Door can be designed with different finishes to both the internal and external face of the door an extremely versatile aesthetic is achievable.

The abundance of design styles as well as door operation options makes this door the ultimate entrance door to suit any property. Just like the door cover finishes, the ironmongery comes in a choice of either traditional or modern styles also with a choice of metal finishes to complete the chosen look.

The additional glazing options can also be styled to suit the aesthetic of the door as the glass can be designed with a sandblasted finish, with manifestations or coloured decorative glass options.

Performance and Door Structure

The makeup of the internal door structure features not only a steel core but also layers of insulation to achieve high levels if acoustic reduction, a thermal break mat is also located within the fabric of the door to help stop cold bridging between the internal and external face of the entrance door.

The Belgravia Entrance Door has been fully tested for a range of weather resistant properties including security, air permeability, water resistance and wind resistance:

Security testing: Class 4

Acoustic performance: 43dB

Air permeability: Class 4

Water resistance: Class 5A

Wind resistance: Class C5

Some of the covering panel finishes are only suitable for the internal face of the entrance door, however, there are a vast array of designs suitable for both faces. To learn more about which finishes are suitable for your project, speak to a member of the IQ team.