Aluminium Pressings and Flashings

As part of IQ’s holistic design approach to architectural glazing our Aluminium Pressings and Flashings Division can offer modern finishes to both residential and commercial projects on top of your glazing package.


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Architectural Aluminium Pressings

At IQ Glass, we are known for our complete approach to glazing design and can now offer an additional service to our clients. We can now design, manufacture and install a full range of aluminium pressings and flashings on our architectural & structural glazing projects, creating a more complete and cohesive glazing design.

The Aluminium Pressings and Flashings Division is a dedicated installation team within IQ, devoted to the installation of these modern aluminium flashings and pressings to our architectural glazing projects.

Aluminium pressings and flashings are decorative and can be used to conceal unsightly construction elements such as steel beams, flooring or construction junctions. They can also create an additional waterproofing to material junctions. The flashings above glazed roofs should be done by others, where typically lead flashings would be used. They can be made to match the colour of any cladding system or fascia.

Architectural Finish

By contracting IQ Glass to provide all flashings and pressings, all colours and finishes will be uniform with the rest of the glazing design and you benefit from a cohesive design approach with the IQ design team detailing and designing all interfaces with the glazing for a neater finish.

Although flashings are a cosmetic enhancement, the contemporary finish will create a consistent design finish across all cladding and flashings, with a colourfast, durable and easy to maintain the external finish.

All aluminium flashings or pressings can be powdered coated any RAL colour required, or anodised to suit your design specification. You could also choose from a wide range of other architectural metals to create a unique architectural finish for your glazing project.

IQ are also able to create bespoke backpainted glass pressing, another unique option not offered by many glaziers that can help to enhance your project.

These specialist architectural metals are best when used in conjunction with our Architectural Steel & Industrial Windows and Industrial door systems.

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Our pressings and flashings are available in a wide range of architectural metals, but are most commonly created using milled aluminium that can be powder coated any RAL colour

The aluminium pressings have a standard thickness of 2mm but are also available in 3 and 4mm thicknesses. These thicker sheets of aluminium are more suitable for thin strips of metal for stability.

Other material finishes that are available are:

Stainless Steel

CortenTM Steel

Architectural Bronze

The edges of your pressings can be exposed or hidden as required. The edges can then be laser cut for a smooth exposed edge if required.

Maximum Sizes

Our aluminium pressings have a maximum length of 3000mm in single panel. Longer lengths of aluminium pressings can be created by welding multiple pressings together, polishing the weld and powder coating the finished surface for a seamless metal coating.

Aluminium pressings will be folded to fit into your structure and we can use a number of fold types and techniques to suit your project requirements,

The angle of a fold of aluminium can be between 0 and 180 degrees. Punches, holes or patterns are able to be cut into a flat piece of aluminium using a CNC machine under factory conditions. Any cut outs or holes required in your aluminium pressings should be communicated before manufacture.