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Pivoting Front Door

The Apertio Solid is a beautifully modern front door with high levels of integrated security and engineering. The Apertio Range from IQ is the pinnacle of contemporary front door design. This pivoting front door is made with a reinforced steel core that is clad in a wide range of materials to get the design required with extremely high levels of performance and specification.

The contemporary front doors can be designed with finishes such as timber, lacquered glass, ceramic, metallic panels and bespoke designs to meet your exacting requirements. Different finishes can even be applied to the inside and outside of the door if required.

With an integrated pivoting function the doors can be designed to impressive sizes for a large, imposing front door design. Ironmongery, handles and locking are all designed for complete integration and continuation of the modern front door design.

Contemporary Door Design

Modern design and detailing is the key design consideration for the Apertio Solid Door. These pivoting doors are designed to sit coplanar with the wall for a flush seamless design. A minimum aluminium frame is included around the edge of the door for finishing which is available in a range of finishes.

Available installed as a single door into a door opening or include frameless glazing around the door for a dramatic entrance design.

These modern front doors are fully tested for weather resistance and security with a range of locking solutions available to suit any entrance type.

Tailored Entrance Doors

Each Apertio Solid Entrance door has built in, reinforced integrated locking on multiple faces of the door which provides a secure and robust locking solution which is hidden from sight. See below for more examples and options for the internal and external handles and locking operation.

The beauty of the Apertio Solid for architectural designs is its ability to be tailored and sculpted to your specification. Differing door finishes can be applied to either face of the integral steel core, offering a different design to the external elevation and internal entrance way. In addition the slim aluminium trimmings around each door face can be altered and customised to suit your door finish and design.

Read on for some additional specification information or for more advice about including the Apertio Solid Entrance Door on your project. Get in touch with the team at IQ Glass here.


Front Door Finishes

These are high specification front doors and the range of door finishes have been selected to continue this high level of design and performance. You can also select different finishes for the inside and outside of the door.

The range of door finishes include:

Ceramic - a highly durable finish for both the internal and external face of the door. The ceramic door finishes can offer a textured or smooth finish in stone, marble, metallic, fabric or timber appearance. This is the optimum door finish for high specification projects.

Timber - suitable for the internal face of the door and the external face if adequate shelter is available. Available in a range of timber finishes as well as painted lacquers.

Marble and natural stone - a range of luxury marble imported from Italy in various designs and colours, from more natural creams to dramatic blues shot through with gold marbled veins. 

Glass - suitable for the internal or external face of the door if the external face is not exposed. Available as a matt or gloss glass in a range of colours.

Request the product information sheet to discover the full range of finishes. Alternative finishes may be available on request.

Handles and Locking

The Apertio Solid is a high-security front door with a steel reinforced core and PAS24 compliant locking and security. The front door has both an internal and external handle design which is integrated with a range of locking options.

The front doors can be operated/locked via:

Mechanical Key Lock

Electronic Locking via Fingerprint

Electronic Locking via Keypad

Bespoke Electronic Locking

Externally the handle is a simple pull handle that can be short or long and offers a simple yet modern finish to the external face of the door, allowing the design of the door itself to be at the forefront.

Frame and Door Configurations

The Apertio Door is available in large sizes up to 4m tall and 2m wide per pivoting door.

Each door has a minimal aluminium profile around the edge to provide a neat external finish to the door. This aluminium trim is available as brushed aluminium as standard with a range of additional finishes including a Bronze and Corten finish.

The Apertio Solid doors can be installed as singular doors that open to the left or right as well as inward or outward opening doors. The modern front doors can also be installed with fixed side glazing or within a larger structural glass facade as required.

The design of the front door has been detailed to allow it to sit coplanar with the wall structure. This could be flush with the internal wall, external wall or you could design the structure to be flush on both sides.

Performance and Door Structure

These pivot front doors are made with a reinforced steel core for exceptional levels of strength and security. The steel bars of the door structure are completed with integrated insulation for thermal performance and acoustic reduction.

Your chosen finish is then applied to the surface of the door which allows for a different material to be used on the internal and external face of the door.

All locking and the pivoting mechanisms are integrated into the door structure for a minimal and highly secure door design.

The door system is fully tested for weather resistance and security:

Break in Resistance PAS24 Secured by Design

Air Permeability up to Class 3 to EN12207

Water Resistance up to 5A to EN12208

Resistance to Wind Load C4/C5 to EN12210

Acoustic Insulation 42dB

Thermal Performance Uw value 0.72-0.95 W/m2K

Some finishes are only suitable for front doors in 'protected or non-exposed locations'. Please speak to the team at IQ about what we would class as a protected elevation.