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Glass Front Doors

The Apertio glass entrance door, part of the IQ Ingresso door range, is manufactured from high specification materials, combining integral strength and a modern luxury finish to create a glass front door guaranteed to provide a striking entrance feature.

These glass entrance doors are available at outstanding sizes of up to 3200mm wide x 6000mm tall, with triple glazed and triple laminated glass at a depth of 80mm. This multiple laminate glass specification includes a high-security outer pane and a double laminate inner pane for incredible levels of security.

By using our expertise in structural glazing and glass design, IQ can ensure that the Apertio Glass Entrance Door is designed to meet all your needs.

All Glass Entrance

The Apertio Glass Door is available in several configurations all with a single vertical pivot which is adjustable and concealed. The glass entrance door is also available with side glazing or overhead glazing for an all-glass entrance design. All door configurations come with a choice of integrated pull handles with various locking options.

IQ can design the Apertio Glass entrance door to open by various automated systems including; fingerprint recognition, smartphone wireless system and a key card locking system.

The frame of the Apertio Glass Front Door is finished in thermally broken aluminium. This specialist insulated aluminium frame is available in a number of colours and tones in order to get the entrance door design required. There are 12 colours available, ranging from deep blue and lagoon green to copper and pearl. Therefore, this entrance door can be tailored to meet your design and functionality requirements.

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Maximum Sizes

The Apertio Glass entrance door has been tested to a maximum size of 2.225m wide x 3.4m tall. This size of door has been completely tested for security as well as thermal insulation and weather tightness.

Due to the high level of engineering that has gone into the design of the Apertio Glass front door, we are able to offer it in sizes up to 3.2m wide x 6m tall in a single door. At this size, the Apertio Glass creates a striking entrance door suitable for luxury design projects. Please note that at this size there are no security testing or certificates available.

There is also a minimum door size of 1.2m wide x 1.9m tall to consider when specifying.

Glass Specification

These exterior doors with glass have been designed and engineered to offer the highest levels of security in line with the requirements for entrance door specification.

As such the glass specification is robust and highly secure, integrated various layers of laminated glass for an 'anti-burglary' glass design.

The overall glass depth is 80mm. The ultimate makeup of the glass specification will differ depending on the size of the glass door and performance requirements.

As standard we specify a triple glazed unit with a triple laminated high-security outer pane and a double laminated inner pane.

Quadruple glazing is also available.

Locking and Security

As a purpose designed entrance door the Apertio Glass has the concept of high security integrated into every part of its creation.

The durable metal frame contains the fully integrated locking solution with 8 point anti-bandit euro cylinder locking and internal defender plate.

The lock can then be operated via a number of different methods to suit each project requirement.

These locking options range from an elegant manual locking solution via a key to smartphone operation via integrated home technology.

Locking options available may vary depending on the door design and configurations so please speak to a member of the team at IQ for further specification advice.

Frame and Finishes

The frame of the Apertio Glass entrance door is thermally broken aluminium. We have a number of metallic finishes available for the frames in order to get the design required for the door. Please see the product information sheet for the full-colour list.

The handles of the Apertio Glass door are fully integrated into this aluminium frame and finished in the same colour for a minimalistic design. By integrating the handles into the door frame itself you maximise the glass of the door and create a seamless design.

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