November 12, 2020

What Goes Into The Full Glazing Package

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Things to consider as part of your glazing package

Bespoke Shaped Glazing

Aluminium window arrangement to a bedroom at Beechcroft.When specifying a glass installation, unique shapes and sizes can be achieved. The bespoke nature of structural glazing means we can construct specialised designs in impressive sizes.

Gable end windows are a popular choice for contemporary homes, following the roofline and letting a massive amount of natural light into living spaces by utilising previously unused spaces. Any roof shape can be filled with glazing with this technique, it is not restricted to symmetrical or triangular designs.

With no size or shape out of reach, the technical team are able to assist with the specification process if you require any specialised units.


Triple Glazing

double height sliding doorsIf thermal performance is a key factor in your design, consider triple glazing in place of double. Triple glazed units from IQ achieve better thermal performances, saving on energy bills in some cases. If a project has a particular Uw value or performance values they are required to meet, IQ will work with the architect to adapt our systems and ensure we meet any specific requirements.

Depending on the systems being used, triple glazing can increase the framework or require larger sightlines to support the weight. However, all our triple glazed systems are designed with a minimal approach in mind and we will endeavour to keep visible frame to a minimum for clear, highly glazed results.

If you have a project in a high wind area or located within a hurricane zone, the ah!60 sliding door system has been fully tested to withstand these harsh conditions. Specifying the ah!60 brings all the benefits of slim framed luxury sliding doors with added safety and testing certificates.


Structural Glass and Slot Drains

Structural glass roof with glass beams

In the construction of a glass roof, the glass is usually installed at a slight angle to ensure water can run off the unit smoothly.

If there is a door system located at the end of the unit, the design may require a different drainage solution to ensure water doesn’t come in through the doors. In this instance, considering structural gutters would mean that the drainage channel is invisible from inside the property, whilst rainwater runs away from the glass.

It is a good idea to utilise structural gutters in side-infill extension projects or any project where the glass will be fixed to a party wall. This will ensure water drains away from the party wall and doesn’t cause any long term harm to the brick structure. When structural gutters are installed, plasterboard is used internally to cover any visible frame for a minimalist finish. This ensures the interior scheme of the space below is never altered.

For large installations of sliding door systems, slot drains are a popular choice. Although this is a visible solution, the design is minimal to ensure it would suit a range of designs. Slot drains are a highly effective way of draining excess water, stopping the water from getting into the sliding door mechanisms and therefore reducing the maintenance required.


Opening Rooflights

Large automated rooflightAlthough rooflights are commonly specified in residential projects, something that is not often considered is making these elements opening. A rooflight that opens is a great way top bring ventilation into the space below, particularly in kitchens.

A rooftop garden or terrace area is a highly sought after design feature, particularly in urban areas like London, where ground floor garden space is harder to find. The MARS can be used to grant rooftop access, as well as offering natural light and ventilation to living spaces. The automated sliding system can be integrated within a complete smart home system as well as multiple other smart integrations. A weather sensor integration is just one of the clever features available with the MARS – closing itself when rain, heavy wind or snow is detected. An auto venting version of this rooflight, ARES, is also available.



frameless rooflightIn townhouse properties, we often see basement floors renovated to increase the homeowners’ useable space. Floorlights are not commonly considered but can be the most effective way to introduce light into floors below ground level.

As well as bringing light into the basement, floorlights can be decorative features from the ground floor. If placed in the garden or external areas, natural light streams into the basement and the glass can be finished with an anti-slip coating to create a walk on installation. Entire glass floors can be constructed using our Invisio structural glazing system, engineered to make a dramatic design statement.


Heated & Privacy Glass

Heated swimming pool glazingFor projects wanting to take a minimalistic approach, heated glass is a brilliant choice. Used as a sole heat source, the solution is completely invisible and makes the need for radiators redundant. Heated glass can also be utilised for swimming pool or spa areas, where the temperature on one side of the glazing is going to be significantly different from the other side. In this setting, heated glass eliminates the risk of condensation build-up, resulting in clear, crisp installations.

Another technical glass solution to consider as part of your glazing package is switchable privacy glass. Now that working from home has become the new normal, home office spaces are required as an essential rather than a luxury.

Mondrian Steel Look Internal GlazingCreating designated zones within a home is now an integral part of interior design, with a huge rise in demand for internal glazing. Homeowners need the ability to zone off an area, creating a working environment, without mixing their working and leisure environments. Utilising switchable privacy glass means that the homeowner can choose privacy when required, without obstructing paths of light the rest of the time.


Solar Control Glass

Often solar control coatings are considered as an afterthought in the design process. Not only does specifying solar control glass greatly help in achieving comfortable living temperatures, but it can also reduce energy bills.

Structural glass roof with solar control glassThe in house experts at IQ always recommend applying a solar control coating to south-facing installations, any roof glazing elements and large elevations of oversized glazing. Solar control coatings do not noticeably alter the appearance of glass units but can greatly enhance the style of living within highly glazed spaces.

To speak to a member of the team about the full glazing package from IQ, just get in touch with us. We are on hand to answer any technical questions, assist with the specification stage and ensure your project benefits from our luxury products in the most effective manner.