Slim Triple Glazed Glass Sliding Doors

Ultra slim slider with unmatched performance

Triple Glazed Sliding Doors

This slim glass sliding door range is unmatched in design, performance, and security. With the use of advanced glazing engineering this slim system offers sightlines of just 25mm with triple glazed units. 

The oversized sliding triple glazed units can reach unprecedented sizes of 9m tall and wide offering thermal insulation values that achieve Passivhaus and Minergie standards.

This glazed sliding system is a ground-breaking exterior opening system offering architects the chance to push the boundaries, change the nature of the building envelope and connect interiors with exteriors.

As well as offering extreme oversized glass sizes, the system stands out for its intrusion protection. The system has been tested to achieve RC4 security rating which far out surpasses the requirements for PAS24 and Part Q security requirements for projects in the UK.

The floor to ceiling glass sliding doors offer glass faces of up to 29m2 per sliding unit. Even at these sizes the insulated glass units slide effortlessly, gliding along the stainless steel mechanisms as if weightless.  

Oversized Glass Doors

With a deeper glass rebate than the standard slim slider, the triple glazed system allows the integration of highly insulating triple glazed units into your glass façade. This allowance for increased glass specifications is what permits the oversized glass sliding door system to achieve such high and unparalleled levels of thermal insulation from a minimalist window. You can achieve Uw values of 0.8 W/m2K easily with improved sound insulation of 44dB.

The increased performance does not stop at the insulation values. Even at extremely large sizes the slim glass sliding doors system offers extreme weather protection, making it suitable for use in even the harshest environment. With water resistance testing surpassing the basic classes to achieve a class of E900 it is evident that this minimal window can be used on areas where harsh driving rain is common.

The system offers design flexibility with a range of modular sliding configurations possible including linear sliding, Juliet balconies, corner opening and pocket doors as well as vertical and descending sliding windows.

All exterior detailing maintains the design ethos of minimalism with all outer framing able to be hidden within building reveals.

Triple Glazed Sliding Doors At the Showroom

Triple glazed sliding glass doors can reach extremely impressive heights, as shown by the 6.5m tall automated sliding pane that IQ designed and installed at the newly renovated showroom in Amersham. 

Using the minimal windows 4+ framing profile, this showroom installation allows clients to view an oversized, automated sliding glass door pane in a real-life situation. Watching a 1.2 tonne door open with ease at the push of a button is something that must be experienced in real life. 

The 4+ framing profile is deeper than the standard profile to allow for the extra pane of glass and argon gas insulating cavity but maintains an ultra-slim sightline of just 26mm. 

With the deeper frame comes a thicker polyamide thermal break, which helps to increase the thermal efficiency of the system even further for a sliding door with unparalleled thermal performance values. 

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Performance of Triple Glazing Slim Sliders

Thermal performance values start with Uw values of 0.8 W/m2K using insulating triple glazing with Ug value 0.6 W/m2K. The use of triple glazing also allows increased sound insulation of 44 dB.

Air permeability has been tested at Class 4, wind resistance at Class C5 and water resistance at E900 which shows it surpassed the basic testing classes and achieved water tightness with driving water pressures of 900 Pa.

Another key aspect of the triple glazed slider is the enhanced security. It has been tested to RC4 / WK4 European security ratings. This rating is a much higher security specification than the required PAS24 testing required for UK new build properties. This high-level security has allowed the minimalist slider to be used on some of the world’s most security conscious residences.

If higher levels of wind and weather resistance is required, the HVHZ system is fully tested to cyclic wind environments and hurricane storm resistance.

Creating Oversized Glass Doors

Large panes of sliding glass offer unprecedented avenues of design for architects.

The sliding system has been tested at extreme sizes with opening doors of 9000mm tall or 9000mm wide. The exposed glass face can be up to 29m2 per unit and sliding units can be up to 1000kg.

Even at those impressive and defying sizes, even larger glass sizes are possible on investigation. The team at IQ are ready to work with architects to engineer our systems to their required specifications.

The stainless-steel rails and sliding mechanisms of the system mean that even at these large sizes sliding operation is smooth. Automation is not required until the panel weights exceed 850kg. and if automation is required it is fully integrated, hidden and in keeping with the minimalist design details.