Gable End Windows

Minimal structural glazing for light-filled roof renovations


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Gable End Glazing

A gable end window follows a roof structure to create top floor spaces flooded with natural light. Roof pitches are commonly triangular, filling this space with glazing introduces light into previously dark spaces to increase useable space.

Often used for loft conversion projects, IQ can install gable end glazing to follow the structure of any roof shape or size, offering unparalleled design with modern performance values.

Using Invisio, our in house developed structural glazing system, frameless gable end windows can be achieved as well as slim framed aluminium window systems. Whether frameless or slim frames are used, the installations are fully thermally broken ensuring a comfortable living temperature all year round.

Minimal Design

Pair gable end windows with other slim framed window systems to maximise the amount of glass used and create modern designs. Install above slim framed sliding door systems or entire walls of glass for a design driven, oversized glazing look.

Suitable for shallow and deep roof pitches, filling a gable with glass is sure to create a statement window design. There are multiple options for the design of a gable end window, which one is right for you is dependent on the roof structure and design requirements.

Perfect for pushing architectural boundaries, gable end windows can be designed to fit any window structure to perfectly suit your home.

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Slim Aluminium Systems

Fill entire gable ends with a slim framed aluminium window system for a minimalistic appearance, designed to focus on the glass. All the window systems are manufactured on a completely bespoke basis, bringing an endless number of possibilities within reach.

Oversized glazing can be achieved using slim framed aluminium casement windows in a gable end configuration. When opting for a gable end design, consider powder coating the frames to match any existing or other glazed elements.

Frameless Look

Our in house developed Invisio structural glazing system can be utilised to create frameless installations, including gable end windows.

Due to the bespoke nature of structural glazing, there are little restrictions on the sizes or shapes we can create. When frameless designs are incorporated, all fixings and supports can be completely concealed for a flawless look.

Technical Glass Solutions

A range of technical glass solutions can be integrated within a gable end installation to enhance functionality. IQ recommend specifying solar control coatings for south facing windows to reduce solar gain.

In urban areas, acoustic sound reducing glass can be used to reduce external noise in glazed areas. For a decorative finish, coloured interlayers or sandblasted glass can be applied in any desired pattern.