Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass is an electrical glass solution that can be used for adaptable privacy and vision through your architectural glass installation

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Switchable Glass

Privacy Glass, also known as smart glass, is an established electrical glass solution that allows controllable privacy through a glass unit, turning a glass unit from translucent to transparent instantly.

Two PET films are coated with a transparent metal deposit and laminated together with a thin layer of liquid crystals between. This film is then layered between two EVA interlayers and laminated between two pieces of toughened glass.

When an electrical current is passed through the film between the interlayers, all of the liquid crystals within the film align, turning the glass from translucent to transparent.

This switchable glass technology allows a user to manage transparency through a glass elevation on demand, removing the need for traditional curtains and blinds for a minimal and hygenic design finish.

Instant Transparency

By removing the need for curtains and blinds, switchable glass is a perfect choice for more delicate and sensitive projects like nurseries, clinics and hospitals where exposed absorbent material, or dangling blind cords, can cause design issues.

With Privacy Glass, there is no compromise between light and privacy. When ‘off’ privacy glass is completely obscured, a haze of over 90% appears, maintaining high levels of light transmission through the glass.

The laminated switchable glass panel can be easily integrated into an insulated glass construction to use as thermally efficient external glazing with curved, shaped and coloured glass designs easily possible.

The inclusion of privacy glass into a project can definitely give it the ‘wow’ factor, as well as acting as a functional and interactive part of your design. Take this high tech impression even further by controlling switchable glass via smart home automation apps.

Privacy Glass @ The Showroom

Visit the IQ Glass Showroom at Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, to see the switchable privacy glass in person.

The privacy glass installation on display showcases a large glass window to one of our meeting rooms which can become obscured at the touch of a button. A member of our showroom team can demonstrate how privacy glass works and discuss how privacy glass can be best utilised within your project.

We encourage Architects and Designers to come and experience switchable glass for themselves at our 40,000 sq ft architectural glazing showroom. To book your appointment at the Showroom contact us.