December 6, 2021

Rooftop Gardens and Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

London roof garden design with aluminum framed glazing and U-shaped outdoor sofa

See how our glazing systems can be used to create modern rooftop gardens.  

Rooftop gardens are in high demand, and it’s easy to see why. With living space becoming an increasingly precious commodity, installing a roof garden is the perfect way for residents to transform an undesirable and unused part of their home into a picturesque living area. Whilst providing a space for entertainment and relaxation, roof terraces also add considerable value (usually around 10%) to homes, rising to as much as 25% in urban areas of the highest demand for space. 

modern rooftop garden design

Here at IQ, we offer a variety of modern glazed roof systems which not only allow residents to take advantage of their roof space but also provide the living spaces below with tonnes of natural light when the system is closed.

The M.A.R.S. (Modern Automated Rooflight System) slides seamlessly to cater to the user’s preferences, and with 3 sets of brush seals to ensure weather tightness, and an integrated weather bar that makes sure that all rainwater runs off, the system is both stylish and incredibly practical.

IQ prides itself on the bespoke nature of its products, and this is evidenced by the availability of as little as a 3-degree angle to a 35-degree angle on the rooflight, while the glass is structurally bonded into the sliding frame in order to increase security levels as well as to give a minimalistic appearance. Any requirements relating to panel size and structure are also not an issue, as the standard motor on the M.A.R.S. supports a weight of up to 320kg and larger motors are available to accommodate even larger pane sizes. 

slim framed sliding box rooflightIQ Glass also boasts the H.E.R.A (Hi-Spec Electric Rooflight Automation) box rooflight, which is able to be configured in many different ways; it can be bi-parting or even slide over fixed arrangements, such as the staircase up to a rooftop space. The H.E.R.A. is ideal for integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, especially when designed as part of a rooftop garden, as it is possible to conceal the motor within any surface and the aluminium frame can be finished in any RAL colour to match or contrast against its surroundings.

Furthermore, the H.E.R.A shares the same security and weather protection measures as the MARS, making it just as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.  

The A.R.E.S rooflight (Auto Rising Electric System) is a venting rooflight system that allows for considerable flexibility in terms of design; the ARES rooflight opens on hinges with concealed actuators, or if a non-traditional shape without parallel sides is desired, such as a circular rooflight, then multiple actuators are engineered to lift the entire sash vertically up from the frame.

Along with its unrivalled design options, the A.R.E.S. venting rooflight’s security performance makes it the perfect ventilation and rooftop access solution – the combination of toughened glazing and a laminated inner pane used prevents any glass from falling into the house in the case of breakage, and also acts as a barrier against intruders looking to break into the home via the rooflight.   

rooftop terrace with sliding access rooflight

All of these systems come with plenty of optional integrations to provide clients with a system that satisfies all of their worries and needs, including weather sensors that are able to automatically close the rooflight if rain or strong winds are detected, and a cloud-based fault checking system which allows IQ technical experts to access the system remotely to determine any technical faults and prevent a costly site visit.

Other smart solutions applicable to the rooflight systems discussed include proximity readers, thumbprint recognition and retina scanners, therefore making these systems perfect additions to smart homes that use technologies provided by companies such as IndigoZest. 

All of the frame and cassette components are fully thermally broken, meaning that there is no risk of condensation build-up when two conflicting temperatures meet on either side of the glass, or heat loss during the cold winter months. Also, due to the stainless-steel rail and mechanisms, the high-quality rooflight systems are perfectly suitable for coastal environments and can withstand all kinds of harsh weather.

roof terrace design with louvre roof

If you have concerns about a lack of shade on your rooftop garden or vulnerability to rainfall, then an IQ Louvre roof is an incredibly practical and sleek feature to invest in. Our louvre roofs can be retractable or fixed depending on the spaces requirements.

With a rotational range of 120 degrees, residents are able to control how much solar radiation reaches the terraced roof area, or even create a flat, watertight surface that is capable of withstanding rainfall intensity of 144mm/min  

Alternatively, glass box extensions leading to a rooftop area are extremely appealing to those who want to have protection from the elements but also seek minimal interruption to the stunning views of the surrounding cityscape. Moreover, the continuous views afforded by the large panes of structural glass make the extension seem larger than it actually is, so these extensions are a brilliant use of space!   

For more information on using our glazing systems to enhance a rooftop space, contact the team today.