ARES® Automated Rising Electric System

Automated Rising Electric System


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ARES® Rooflight

The Automated Rising Electric Rooflight pushes the boundaries of modern rooflight design. Using the highest quality aluminium and top of the range motors, this system can be designed to suit any project requirements.

The ARES rooflight opens on hinges with automated actuators for access and automated venting roof elements for ventilation and comfort.

The system can be any shape to fit unusual structural openings or for aesthetic purposes.

In order for the system to be a hinged opening, there needs to be two parallel sides, one for the chain and one for the motor.

Here at IQ, we know that flexibility is key and we don’t let the shape restrict us.

If a shape without two parallel sides is required, we have an alternative lifting option where multiple actuators are placed around the system and the sash lifts vertically as a whole.

This rooflight system offers ventilation whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing minimal finish. 

Opening Rooflight

With the use of high performance motors this system offers a smooth venting action and soft stop closing, meaning the frame and actuators are always protected.

The frame is fully thermally broken and the mechanisms on this system are hidden for a minimal frameless affect.

Heavy duty perimeter seals are used for exceptional weather protection and high levels of thermal insulation.

The ARES is one of the most secure rooflights on the market, the toughened glass is extremely durable and the laminated inner pane acts as an extra security layer whilst holding the broken glass in place in the event of breakage. 

An extra safety measure is that the glass is bonded to the frame, making the system safer and sleeker. 

Produced in our own state of the art manufacturing facility, ARES is the perfect addition to  any kitchen, loft conversion or extension. 

Auto Venting Rooflights At the Showroom

IQ's new architectural and structural glazing showroom features a wide range of bespoke roof glazing solutions from structural glass roofs to automated sliding and venting rooflight systems. 

Multiple automated venting rooflight systems are on display in the showroom. One of these installations is a moving box that has a MARS sliding rooflight and an ARES rooflight installed as one bespoke glazing solution with the mars sliding over the venting part of the rooflight with ease. 

As the installation can be moved up and down the wall on a complex motorised pulley system, the ARES venting rooflight can be viewed from below as it would in a home or it can be brought down and viewed up close or from above. 

To book your visit to see this automated sliding glass rooflight in the showroom, visit the contact us page


Technical Specification

6mm TXD / argon gas filled cavity with warm edge spacers / 13.5mm TXD-LAM

It is vital to have a laminated inner pane with roof glazing systems to protect people below in the event of breakage. 

The glass panes are structurally bonded to the frame for maximum security and minimal framing.

The aluminium frame is fully thermally broken to ensure high levels of thermal performance and to prevent condensation build up.

Motor options

This system has an SD motor option and a HD motor option.

For the SD motor the maximum glass weight is 160kg and the actuator can be concealed within the frame.

The HD motor is concealed on the outside of the frame and has a larger maximum glass weight of 400kg.

Standard control options differ between motors, however there are control options that can be used for both motors.

Operation via smart home technology is possible by connecting the control unit to the building’s BMS or Smart Home Technology system.