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Garden Louvre Roof

Louvre Roof systems are architecturally designed, all-weather patio roof systems that are perfect for contemporary home designs to extend living spaces outside. These can be included in any bespoke glazing package from IQ and are an excellent solution to block the sun from entering the home through structural glass walls or oversized sliding glass doors. 

The contemporary aluminium louvre system functions as a sun and rain protector for the patio, terrace or outdoor dining areas, with a rotational range of 120 degrees you can control how much solar radiation hits the elevation of glazing. The integrated automation enables you to choose how the louvres sit, thus creating a sunny or shaded outdoor living area.

When closed the welded aluminium louvres sit completely flat and interlock to create a fully watertight patio roof, tested to a rainfall intensity of 144mm/min.

Each installation is made to order and bespoke to each project with the desired colours, size, configuration and optional integrations of the louvres and supporting structure to the architect’s specification. Louvre Roofs can be finished in any RAL colour and a full catalogue of specialist materials can be integrated into the structure; such as charred timber or Corten™ steel.

By using the highest-grade aluminium for the main structure at 4mm thick, the patio roofs can be designed at impressive sizes with an outstanding 7m distance between each supporting post, resulting is large outdoor living spaces.

Patio Roof Design Functionality

Louvre Roofs are available in a broad range of designs including; free-standing garden rooms, cantilevered roofs and annex garden rooms.

Use a free-standing patio roof design to create the perfect outdoor living area, protecting dining areas, outdoor kitchens or pool areas. These structures can be designed with minimal supporting posts or vertical timber beams for additional protection and design features. Living areas can be extended out onto the terrace or patio area with vertical supporting posts removing the divide between the indoor and outoor living spaces. Why not offset the aluminium posts from the corner for a free-floating appearance?

Cantilevered louvre roofs connect a patio roof to your building without any vertical supporting posts needed. These can extend up to 2m from a building unsupported or up to 3m with tie rods.

Within a courtyard, a louvre roof system can shade the external space or create a watertight roof to extended living spaces. The aluminium structure can be attached to three sides of the space requiring no other supporting structure.



A Louvre Roof can be supported and configured in numerous bespoke ways depending on the type of installation and suitability for both building attached and freestanding installations. Here are various design options:

  • Leg Supported Corner Legs/Offset Legs/Extended Leg, up to 7m span between supporting legs, maximum height 3m.
  • Louvre Supported use framed automated or fixed louvres to support the IQ Lux Louvre Roof field(s)
  • Cantilevered/Building Supported 2m maximum unsupported projection
  • Tie Rod Supported 3m maximum projection from the building

The 'roof' element of a Louvre Roof is called a field and numerous fields can connect together to create a larger patio roof. The field profile contains all motors, electrical components, drainage and louvres.

  • External Field Dimensions 220mm tall, louvre connecting profile 175mm wide, front/back 100mm wide
  • Field Connection Dimensions 250mm wide x 220mm tall, between fields.
  • Colour field profiles and associated supports are powder coated 60-80 microns thick, UV stable finish in any RAL Colour.
  • Marine grade finishes are available.
  • Maximum Sizes maximum depth 6500mm