MARS® Modern Automated Rooflight System

Modern Automated Rooflight System


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MARS® Rooflight

MARS stands for modern automated rooflight system and that’s exactly what this sliding rooflight system has been designed to achieve. The bespoke rooflight system has been developed in-house to deliver specialised, innovative sliding glass roof solutions. Manufactured and engineered in the UK, the automated sliding glass rooflight boasts an impressive 10 week lead time.

The premium sliding roof system can be used to add ventilation to the living area beneath and to grant access to a roof terrace.

Due to the unique design, there are few limitations on shape, structure, or size, and an opening circular rooflight is certainly possible.

The standard motor can take a weight of up to 320kg, larger sizes can be achieved using a bigger motor and each rooflight is installed with a cover for the motor as standard.

The covers are removable with ease, for maintenance and access purposes. 


Modern Automated Rooflight System

Both the frame and the cassette in the automated sliding rooflight are fully thermally broken to ensure the glazed area remains condensation free and to eliminate any heat escaping during colder months. As standard, the automated sliding rooflights are fitted with 3 sets of brush seals, ensuring weather tightness. An integrated weather bar is fitted to ensure rainwater runs off the system, no matter what angle the rooflight sits.

The sliding rooflight can be installed at a variety of angles to suit existing roof structures, anywhere from a 3 to a 35-degree angle is within reach thanks to the bespoke nature of these sophisticated systems. The best angle for an automatic rooflight installation will be determined by a number of factors including the direction of sliding components and structural positioning.

The minimalistic appearance of the MARS is achieved by structurally bonding the glass into the sliding frame, furthermore adding to the high-security levels. For a more subtle installation, plasterboard can be brought over the internal frame to create the perfect minimalist interior. 

Weather sensor integration

Optional integrations include a weather station, to automatically close the rooflight if rain or extreme winds are detected by the sensors. This integration is not recommended for bespoke sliding rooflights that are used for roof terrace access due to them needing to be manually operated.

IQ Glass's technological advances have allowed us to integrate a cloud based fault checking system. This enables technical experts to access the mechanism/system remotely to discover any technical faults before a site visit is required, adding to user convenience. 

Smart home integration

The automatic sliding glass roof system can be integrated to work with home automation systems, making it the perfect addition to any smart home.

There is a wide range of options available for switches or buttons to open/close the sliding system, making it suitable for a variety of home designs both traditional and modern.

Thanks to the stainless steel rail and mechanisms, the high-quality system is perfectly suitable for coastal environments and will stand the test of time in harsh conditions.

Our newly renovated architectural glazing showroom features a wide range of bespoke roof glazing solutions from structural glass roofs to automated sliding and venting rooflight systems. 

One of these installations is a moving box that has a MARS sliding rooflight and an ARES rooflight installed as one bespoke glazing solution with the mars sliding over the venting part of the rooflight with ease. 

As the installation can be moved up and down the wall on a complex motorised pulley system, the MARS can be viewed from below as it would in a home or it can be brought down and viewed up close or from above. 

To book your visit to see this automated sliding glass rooflight in the showroom, visit the contact us page


Maximum Sizes

MARS is a completely bespoke flat rooflight system and because of this impressive sizes are possible and can even be used to achieve a complete sliding glass roof.

The max sizes vary depending on the motor system used, ranging from 6m squared with the SD motor, 16m squared with the HD motor, all the way to unlimited sized with a custom motorised system.

Glass Specification

8mm TXD / 20mm argon gas filled cavity with warm edge spacers / 13.5mm TXD – SGP – LAM

A laminated inner pane is essential to provide safety in any over head glazing.

The glass is structurally bonded into the frame for increased security and to offer a minimal aesthetic.

The frame is fully thermally broken to ensure high thermal performances and no risk of condensation build up.

Opening Configurations

MARS is designed to offer an automated electric sliding solution to traditional rooflights.

The sliding solution can be configured to accommodate roof access where required or simply offer ventilation to the area below.

Due to the modern systems used, the MARS boasts the option to ventilate as well as fully open, with captive rail technology ensuring the safety of the homeowners below.

Whether sliding or venting, the MARS offers unparalleled opening options to suit any project-specific requirements.

Captive Rail Technology

Modern glazing technology has been utilised to offer the most premium, flexible solutions for the MARS. 

Captive rail technology ensures the automation runs smoothly whether completely flat or at an angle. 

The captive rail means the cog is encompassed in the rail rather than one on top of the other, meaning the system is better equipped to deliver long lasting, high quality results.

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