January 16, 2023

Specifying the right modern windows solutions for your 2023 glazing package

Written by Gizem Metin

bespoke windows in a contemporary new build house

Are you renovating or building your home? IQ Glass offer a wide range of modern windows solutions to suit all builds, but which one suits your design best?

Frameless ‘Picture’ Windows

frameless picture window in an extensionA picture window is the first option for those looking to create a frameless fixed window.  

Structural glass can be used to create frameless windows when no opening element is required. Frameless picture windows can be designed with no visible supports or fixings for a truly frameless glass installation. These frameless windows look great in large sizes overlooking excellent views. IQ Glass offers bespoke shaped and sized structural glass for any type of projects.  

You can find out more about structural glass for windows here.


Oriel Windows

frameless 3d windows in a houseOriel windows are the window choice for those who are looking to create a modern glass box or bay window. The cantilevered window base can be used as a light filled window seat.  

As the structural glass windows protrude from the face of a building, they can bring in light from many different angles throughout the day. Externally the finish achieved is frameless with glass to glass connections to the corners and at the head.


Aluminium Casement Windows

aluminium framed windows in a new build houseAluminium windows are often the first choice for modern design projects. The aluminium framing profiles offer a square edged modern design with slim profile sizes.  

The aluminium window profiles come in a variety of designs to suit a range of designs. Whether you want a very large opening window or you prefer to focus on getting the slimmest frame possible; IQ Glass can offer an aluminium window design to suit.  

With the aluminium framing of these windows available in any RAL colour you can engineer the design to suit your building. We are also able to create steel replica windows from these modern thermally broken frames for a more cost effective approach to steel windows.  

High quality aluminium frames provide thermally broken windows to have the best temperature all year round to live comfortably in the indoor spaces. 


minimal windows as Windows

sliding glass windows in a contemporary extensionOur signature minimal windows system can be expertly engineered into an extremely slim framed sliding window system.  

The sliding aluminium window has framing profiles of just 21mm for double glazing with all surrounding framework capable of being hidden. This contemporary window solution is available in large sizes of up to 8.5m2 per sliding window pane. They can also be designed to slide away from an open corner or slide into cavity pockets within walls.  

This is the slimmest window solution available for projects that want to emulate the slim framed finish of the minimal windows into a window opening.  

This sliding window system offers triple glazed windows for better insulation with high thermal performance framing. The deeper glass system has only 26mm sightlines to enjoy the surrounded view.


Mondrian Windows

bespoke steel frame windows in a residential projectMondrian windows are the perfect solution for those looking for a traditional steel window design without the inherent thermal performance issues of traditional industrial systems.  

With extremely minimal framing sections and bespoke glazing bar designs you can recreate your favourite steel window design in a modern way.  

The slim steel framework of the Mondrian system has a full two-part thermal break and comes with a double glazed unit as standard for impressive thermal performance.  

The slim steel framing sections can be made from galvanised steel for a traditional appearance, stainless steel, Corten steel or architectural bronze as required. 


Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

double height vertical sliding windowsFor a wow factor window.  

The vertical sliding sash window can create a floor to ceiling sash window made from slim aluminium framing. The profiles are derived from our minimal window frames with 21mm horizontal frames. The openings can be automated or manual depending on the configuration and size of the opening leaf.  

Full multi storey glass facades can be created or panoramic sliding windows to upper floor spaces.


Architectural Steel Windows

steel frame pivoting windows in a glazing showroomFor those that want steel frames but larger sizes than the Mondrian system can offer.  

The slightly bigger framing sections of our architectural metal windows allow them to be made into much larger window designs for imposing structures up to 4m high.  

The slightly deeper framing section also creates a slightly higher level of thermal insulation and facilitates the use of triple glazing for projects where a higher level of thermal performance will be required from a steel framed system.  

As with the Mondrian Windows system the frames can be made from galvanised steel, stainless steel, Corten steel and architectural bronze.  


Get in touch with our highly experienced glazing experts today to discuss your project or visit our recently renovated showroom to see all these architectural glazing solutions by yourself!