Frameless Windows

IQ Glass can create large, fixed frameless windows using frameless structure glass to create a ‘picture’ to the outside with no visible frame


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Fixed Frameless Windows

Where a large window is required IQ Glass can design a frameless structural glass installation to create a completely frameless large window installation. These frameless windows, dubbed ‘Picture Windows’, can create a frameless view to your external environment with absolutely no frame or fixings on show.

The clean and minimal window design you can achieve is perfect for modern architectural designs and bring in a large amount of natural light as well as maximising views.

With no framings needed the size of these frameless windows can be designed to suit all types and scales of window openings with all manner of shapes easily constructed and installed. We use our thermally broken Invisio fixing section for frameless windows. 

Frameless structural glass windows connecting around a corner are also possible to design using this same design method for frameless corner windows or to create a contemporary twist on the traditional bay window. See Oriel Windows for more information about creating 3D frameless windows.

Picture Windows

Each installation of our ‘Picture Windows’ are completely designed with bespoke details by IQ’s in house design team. We use our exclusive Invisio fixing system which includes a full thermal break for enhanced thermal insulation. 

The glass specifications available for these structural glass windows are nearly endless with options including triple glazing, solar control coatings, low iron glass and acoustic reduction glass as well as our host of more technical and electrical glass solutions.

Where longer expanses of frameless glass is required IQ Glass can design entire walls made entirely from frameless structural glass with just a slim structural silicone joint sealing the separate structural glass units together.  See ‘Glass Walls’ for more information about creating walls made of glass.

A frameless ‘Picture Window’ is a perfect solution to contemporary builds where minimal framing is wanted and can be finished neatly with a whole range of building construction methods.

At the Showroom

The IQ architectural glazing showroom has various installations of structural glazing on show at our showroom, including frameless ‘picture’ windows.

This includes multiple high-level frameless windows, showcasing a frameless internal finish. These tall slot windows are built into a brick structure and showcase a suitable detail externally for these types of building structures.

We also have an oversized frameless window with bespoke burnt timer cladding concealing the thermally broken aluminium fixings. This is an excellent showcase of how large panes of structural glazing can be used to create minimalistic glazing installations that offer clear panoramic views. 

For more information on the new showroom installations or to book a visit contact the team today. 


Invisio Thermally Broken Fixing System

We use our thermally broken structural glazing system – Invisio - for all structural glass installs, including Picture Windows.

All Invisio fixings can be hidden both internally and externally on most projects depending on the building finishes chosen. External render or cladding can easily be used to cover fixings externally. IQ Glass can design Picture Windows to suit your building finishes to create the neatest possible finish.

IQ Glass will calculate and design the optimum glass specification for each installation of a frameless picture window to ensure the best performance possible and to achieve the performance requirements you need.

As there are no inherent framings associated with a frameless window the thickness of glass that can be used can be much more flexible, allowing IQ Glass to incorporate laminated glass elements and thicker glass panels as required.

You can download the typical CAD details of the Invisio system here.

Size and Shape

The biggest unit of toughened glass that is cut within the UK is currently 6m x 3m, therefore this is the maximum size for a single panel Picture Window.

Other feasibility factors on site might reduce the size of Picture Window possible such as access to the window opening or weight restrictions on site.

In addition, when architects are looking to cost engineer the architectural glazing elements of a project, keeping at least one dimension of the Picture Window under 2.4m will cost engineer the basic glass costs. You can read more about this here.

Structural glass windows can be designed into almost any shape you require and are therefore a perfect option for more difficult or intricately designed window openings.

Frameless windows with arched heads, angles bases or cut out notches can be easily designed with a Picture Window. Curved frameless windows are also possible by using toughened curved glass units in a double or triple glazed glass unit.

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