June 2, 2015

Small Glass Extensions

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Small Glass Extension
Using glass to create small residential extensions filled with light.

When extending a home you don’t need to add large percentages of floor area to dramatically change the internal living environment or improve the internal experience of a home.

A small glass extension can still add much needed space to a home and, when combined with some internal renovations, can allow internal spaces to be changed around creating living areas more suited to modern lifestyles and living ideals.

Glass or glazing installations are usually a much needed construction element when designing a small extension. In smaller living areas you don’t want the space to feel small and dingy, large glass windows or even a roof light can add lots of natural light to a small extension that could feel dark and uninviting otherwise.

Small Glass Box Extension Project In London

small glass extension to home in London small glass extension to home in London

On a recent project in London IQ Glass installed a small glass box extension to the end of a slim side extension. The glass box to the end of the narrow living area draws your eye to the back of the space creating the illusion of a larger room. A full elevation of glass to the end of the small extension also allows lots of light to enter the narrow space which was not able to have any windows to the party wall side.

Smaller Elevations of Glass

On smaller elevations of glass ensuring that you use as minimal frame as possible is important, you want to make the most of the light exposure as possible! On this project our minimal windows sliding glass doors were used as the patio door access from the glass box extension out onto the garden. The 21mm vertical framing and floor to ceiling glass finishes allow an entire elevation of glass.

How to create privacy with glassBy protruding slightly from your original building with a glass roof and minimal windows below you can create a small glass box extension which light can enter at many different angles and times of day.

You might want to consider using a translucent interlayer in any glass close to a boundary wall or overlooking neighbours for privacy and to hide unsightly views.

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