Decorative Glass

There are various techniques that we can use to create a decorative finish to your architectural glazing installation; from screen printing to decorative laminates.

Glass as Decoration

Glass doesn’t have to be a purely functional element of an architectural design.

The glazing in your project can become a design feature itself. Utilising the latest technology in digital printing and decorating techniques IQ Glass can transform a simple pane of transparent glass into a piece of art.

No longer satisfied with paint and wall coverings, Architects and Designers continue to push the envelope, developing innovative colour and design methods for every glazing application. When exploring light, form and space in the design process, glass can be the answer for all three considerations.

Internal or External glass can be used as a design feature.

By adding interlayers between the units, adding decoration to the surface or infusing the glass with colour, all can create an eye catching impressive piece of art within a functional item of glass.

Designer Glass

Without light, colour would not exist.

Therefore it is perfect that modern design trends continue to bring colour into glass. Often a path for natural day lighting, today's windows offer Architects and Designers a dynamic palette on which to display colour.

Now hospitals, living rooms, and urban facades can showcase colour in the glazing design. Colour and light are used not only to define space, but to stimulate and even inspire those who inhabit it. 

We all see, perceive and experience colour in different ways, why don't you let our experts guide you through your selection to bring your exact design vision to life.

Producing a broad spectrum of colours and moods that are unachievable using stock selections of glass gives Architects and Designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before. Colour interlayers can be combined to produce more than two thousand transparent, translucent or opaque colour options to help create the desired tone and intensity.

Special Kiln Formed Glass can be used to add dimension and texture to your glazing element and can be used as an artist way to obscure vision through a glass item.

At the Showroom

If you would like to see examples of decorative interlayers in person, a visit to the newly renovated IQ Glass showroom is a must.

One display is an internal sliding glass door that utilises a grass themed interlayer. The door sits within a wall covered in grass Astroturf and so this type of interlayer was chosen to show how the glazing can be specified to blend in with its surroundings.

Coloured structural glazing can also be seen at the showroom, and an in person visit allows you one on one time with a technical sales advisor to talk through our decorative glazing options at length, ensuing the right one is chosen to meet your projects requirements.

To book your showroom visit today, click here.


Kiln Formed Glass

By heating glass to a molten state and allowing it to mould to a pattern you can create a textured finish to the external face of a glass panel for privacy or decoration.

The glass patterns are formed on annealed, or float, glass. After this the glass can be toughened or laminated to create a safety glass.

Jumbo glass units up to 6m x 3m are available with this decorative glass finish.


Screen Printed Glass

Using ceramic enamel paints we can create patterns or artwork on the surface of a piece of glass for privacy, decoration or solar control. We also use this glass technique to create anti-slip patterns on glass floors.

The ceramic paints are applied to the glass in an annealed or float state. After this the glass can be toughened and laminated to create a safety glass unit and can then be used to create an insulated glass panel.

Ceramic paints are available in almost any RAL colour and patterns can be bespoke. Maximum size 3m x 6m

Tinted Glass

Where a slightly coloured tint is required to a glass unit, and a coloured interlayer within the glass unit will create a colour that is too bright, tinted glass units can create subtle tinting finish for decoration or solar control and reduced glare.

Tinted glass is available in blue, grey, green and bronze through a process of adding additional elements to molten glass. This process creates a consistent shade and concentration of colour throughout the glass panel.

Once the glass is tinted it is able to be toughened and laminated to be integrated into any glass installation up to a maximum of 6m x 3m.

Decorative Laminated Glass

You can laminate anything into glazing... from grass to fabric to printed interlayers.

The material that you choose to laminate into the glass unit will change the thickness of the interlayers used and the glass thickness will be determined by the glass installation itself.

This technique can be used to create any number of glass designs to create unique glass structures.