August 31, 2012

IQ Glass: The Whole Package

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ Glass are committed to quality and excellence throughout all of our products and services, that is why the most discerning of clients choose us as their full glazing package.

This residential rebuild in Surrey started as a family home, quite normal and well used. Using IQ’s blend of high end products and minimal detailing, the house was transformed into a wonderful architecturally beautiful home.

installed large frameless picture windows on several elevations

The property is quite narrow compared with its length, a large wall of structural glass along the side of the main living and eating area allows a massive amount of natural light into the space, opening out the living areas into the green garden.
IQ Glass designed and installed large frameless picture windows on several elevations of the property. These large square expanses of glass draw the eye through the squared white archways making what would be a narrow, dark walkway into a bright pathway.

The front elevation is the first thing that you see on the journey up the driveway to the revamped property. The client wanted an eye catching aspect here to make feature of the front face of the building. IQ Glass utilised their structural engineering prowess and designed an Oriel style window box on the front elevation. The Builder had designed the steel beams beneath to be non-load bearing so IQ Glass had to engineer the glass to be held back into the walls, keeping its load from the structural base. The result was a stunning feature window with the added functional benefits of multi directional sun ingress.

Oriel style window box on the front elevation

For the access openings to the garden, the front balcony and the master bedroom balcony IQ’s exclusive Minimal Windows sliding door system was specified. The key minimal detailing on the system is a wonderful compliment to the frameless structural items. It allows for the key fluidity of light through the house to be uninterrupted and the highly engineered sliding system is the best available on the market, giving smooth sliding actions, even for the large panes, throughout its lifetime.

To complete IQ Glass’s full glazing package our Minimal Framed casement windows were installed along the top floor. IQ's aluminium framed casement windows are manufactured using only the best possible materials and mechanisms, the slimline profiles fit in magnificently with the Minimal Windows system keeping the slim framing profile, through all elevations, uniform. The top hung upper floor windows included all general additions you can expect from a modern window including restrictors and trickle vents.

IQ’s aluminium framed casement windows

The contract manager Jake Randal was very pleased with how the job turned out. “When you look at the before and after photos it is amazing to see what has been achieved here, totally revamping this plot of land, in which the glazing paid a huge part. IQ are proud to have our name against such a wonderful piece of residential architecture and you can really see what a difference a coherent glazing vision can achieve”.