November 7, 2018

IQ Fireworks Display

Written by Rebecca Clayton

watching-fireworks-through-glass-roof (2) edit

Remember, remember the 5th of November

This ‘Bonfire Night’, IQ Glass set up a fireworks display in the showroom courtyard. We dimmed the lights in the office, enjoyed a glass of mulled wine, hot chocolate and biscuits while watching the fantastic display through the IQ structural glass.

We watched the fireworks through the beautifully clear frameless glass roof with great enthusiasm. The low iron glass providing an optically clear view, without any green tint visible in the glazing. We watched from inside the glass box, relishing the views of the bright sparks illuminating the night sky.

The fireworks filled the sky above the minimal windows® box and the Mondrian® box in the courtyard with bursts of colour. The structural glass caught shimmers of colour that were dispersed throughout the showroom and office.

We all wrapped up warm in our coats and scarves ready to watch the magic unfold. We set the evening off by filling the sky with dazzles and sparkles to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night this year.

The minimal windows® box was illuminated throughout the fireworks night, showcasing the slim aluminium frames of the sliding doors. Fireworks shot up into the sky from behind the minimal windows® box, bringing with them a series of bangs and spiralling high-pitched shrieks.

This outstanding evening brought smiles and laughter as we enjoyed the Guy Fawkes fireworks display. We are all very much looking forward to the fireworks display next year!