Low Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass produces an extremely clear and neutral glass construction reducing the green tint that is present in standard ‘clear’ glass

Extra Clear Glass

Low Iron Glass is manufactured with lower iron content than standard ‘clear’ glass and produces a much clearer glass structure with no green tint visible through the glass.

The use of this extra clear glass is especially useful in structural glazing where thicker or layers specifications of glass are needed. If using standard ‘clear’ glass in these thick, multi layered structural glass installations the resulting construction would have a noticeable green tint.

When using Low Iron Glass you can layer these thick units of glass up for use in structural glass assemblies and maintain the clear nature of glass, creating a clear and frameless glass installation.

Perfect for Structural Glass

Extra Clear Low Iron Glass is seen at its best in the construction of glass beams. These robust structural glass supporting constructions are required to have a thick glass composition to withstand the structural loads applied to them. By using Low Iron Glass the glass beams are clear, neutral and transparent. The same also applies to structural glass floors.

Low Iron Glass is used widely in listed buildings or in sensitive areas to reduce the visual effect any new glass installation can have on the original building and architecture.

It might also be advisable to consider the use of Low Iron Glass where you have differences in the glass specifications used on one façade. Where structural and framed glass installations are used in close proximity the differing thicknesses of glass used might result in a colour different to the glass. Extra Clear Glass reduces this colour to glass ensuring a more uniform appearance to all glazing.

At the Showroom

The clarity of low iron glass is not done justice in images, which is why visiting the newly renovated IQ Glass showroom is a must. Many of the bespoke architectural glazing solutions utilise low iron glass, such as the floating structural glass box.

As the glass box uses 4 panes of laminated glass to be able to hold up to eight people along with a table and chairs, this thickness can give the glass a green tint. By utilising low iron glass we were able to achieve unparalleled levels of clarity.

Our sample pack also allow clients to see the difference between low iron glass, the standard glass that tends to be used in the UK and the type of glass used elsewhere around the world.

European manufactured glass has higher clarity and is of a higher quality than American manufactured glass, and this is especially true when it comes to low iron glazing.

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