February 8, 2021

Design Trend: Internal Sliding Glass Doors

Written by Rebecca Clayton

piana band sliding internal doors white

See why people are choosing modern sliding solutions over traditional hinged doors

One interior design trend that has continued to increase in popularity over the last year is internal glazing. Glass balustrades, internal glass partitions and door systems are all extremely popular ways of incorporating glazing throughout the home.

Slim sliding glass doors used internally to modern home

In the ever-changing landscape of interior design, one element that is slowly becoming outdated is traditional hinged doors. Taking their place is minimally framed glass sliding doors. These door systems are seen as more luxurious, exclusive home additions than simple hinged doors.

One huge benefit of incorporating glass sliding doors is the amount of space that is gained. With hinged doors, whichever way the door opens requires empty space behind it to safely open and close. This issue is eliminated with sliding doors, which do not require any ‘dead’ space on either side of them. This offers homeowners more opportunities for incorporating storage, as well as fewer limitations on furniture placement.

Any of our sliding door systems can be used internally to great effect. When specified in an internal location, the thermal performances of the doors will not have to be considered and the systems will therefore be more cost-effective. As with external sliding door systems, the internal sliding doors can be designed with the frame and fixing details completely concealed within the building finishes, leaving only the slim horizontal frame visible. The frames can be finished in any RAL colour, to either match or create a contrast with the interior design.

Frameless internal sliding pocket doorSlim sliders are arguably the most minimal choice when specifying door systems and when specified internally, these can accommodate a wide range of configurations. For the most minimal approach, pocket doors can be designed to slide invisibly into hidden wall cavities, revealing a completely open aperture. This application is perfect for minimalist homes that want to incorporate zoning in their living spaces.

Utilizing the same glazing systems in the interior design as the exterior design allows the whole property to present a coherent design. Architects often have immaculate attention to detail and this symmetry is preferable for luxury new build projects. The natural light will also increase with the use of internal sliding doors, as the use of glass allows natural light to pass through it and bounce freely through the home.

Slim framed steel sliding doors with art deco glazing barsOur technical glass solutions can be specified within the glass doors for enhanced functionality. When creating a multi-purpose space, for example, a temporary home office, privacy is commonly a requirement. For this, we would advise switchable privacy glass. This technical solution offers privacy at the touch of a button by passing an electric current through the glass, whilst allowing huge amounts of natural light to pass through when the electric current is switched off. The doors can also be incorporated as part of a smart home automation system if automated doors are specified.

For a more traditional look, glazing bars can be applied to the glass panes. These flexible solutions allow any interior design to be achieved, whether traditional or modern. Speak to a member of the team today on 01494 722880 to bring a little bit of luxury inside.