Internal Glass Sliding Doors

IQ Glass is the only supplier within the South East to sell this stunning, slim framed internal sliding glass door system.


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Internal Sliding Glass Doors

IQ Glass offers bespoke slim framed aluminium internal glass sliding doors. Developed in house, the system has many design options available.

The internal glass sliding door is ideal for creating a separation between two interior spaces within the home, such as a living space and a home office.

The aluminium framing used for these doors is very slim, combined with glazing that allows the doors to almost disappear when open, maximising the space within the areas. This option is perfect for implementing an open or broken plan layout. 

The aluminium framing used for these sliding doors allows them to be lightweight, meaning they can easily be opened or closed as well as being sturdy and long-lasting.

Design Options and Integrated Lines

The internal sliding door can be tailored to meet specific requirements, whether privacy or minimising visible framing is your prioroty. Our technical glass solutions, such as switchable privacy glass, can be integrated with the system seamlessly. Using sandblasted or switchable privacy glass will allow the natural light to flow through the glazing whilst offering an element of privacy. 

These glass doors are available with integrated horizontal aluminium bars, these are applied to the face of the glass, creating a line effect for a contemporary design. Any specialised design using glazing bars can be incororated in the design, if desired, for a completely bespoke result. 

At the Showroom

If you wish to see examples of internal sliding glass doors in a real-life situation, the newly renovated IQ Glass Showroom has multiple installations, including a steel look aluminium system and oversized interior sliding door. 

This type of glazing solution allows natural light to flow through the home without obstruction and helps to segment spaces without closing them off completely. 

We would always recommend a visit to the showroom before specifying glazing for your project as seeing the systems up close and being able to discuss the options with a technical advisor in person is extremely helpful. 

For more information about the IQ showroom, click here.


Specification Information

The internal sliding door has an array of options available, with no design out of reach. An infinite number of designs and finishes can be created to match or contrast the desired interior design. 

The internal doors are made using an extruded aluminium frame. The standard design of the internal door frame is incredibly minimalistic, complimenting any space.

The aluminium frames of the glass sliding door system are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit a wide range of project requirements.

Door Configurations

The glass sliding internal door is available with the option of a pocket door configuration, sliding effortlessly into wall cavities. A popular choice for internal sliding doors is the biparting configuration. 

The sliding doors can reach impressive heights, with floor to ceiling glass creating the perfect divide between a bedroom and walk in wardrobe. 

There are numerous sliding door systems on display at the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. The bedroom lifestyle show space shows real life examples of using internal sliging doors in bedroom and living room environments.

Credits: All images are ADL systems