September 15, 2022

Architectural Glazing in Cornwall

Written by Rebecca Clayton

architectural glazing in Cornwall sustainable new build

Cornwall is known for being one of the UK’s most beautiful locations, with many areas overlooking sandy beaches and stunning seafront views. IQ Glass have worked on a number of luxury new build home projects in Cornwall, with a dedicated regional division based in Taunton who are on hand to provide architectural glazing in Cornwall.   

When specifying glazing for coastal environments there are a number of factors that must be considered at the early stages of a project, including wind loading and marine grade finishes for any framing profiles. Keep reading for everything you need to know about specifying architectural glazing in Cornwall.  


Glass specification for architectural glazing in Cornwall  

When designing your bespoke glazing package, our technical team can help advise on where technical glazing solutions such as solar control glass would be beneficial.

bespoke architectural glazing in Cornwall luxury home

We recommend solar control glass for any large elevations of south facing glazing to combat solar glare and control solar gain, resulting in comfortable living temperatures all year round. Large glass walls or any roof glazing elements can also benefit from solar control coatings, eliminating the risk of overheating in highly glazed spaces.  

If the architectural glazing in Cornwall is in a coastal location or within a 5 mile radius of the sea, the wind rolling in from the sea will demand higher wind loading capabilities from your glazing.

Triple glazing can be specified to accommodate this, enhancing the wind load and thermal performance of the structural glazing in Cornwall. Performance requirements should be considered at the earliest stages of the project and discussed with our technical team to ensure we recommend glazing solutions that are functional and durable as well as minimal.  

Low maintenance glass should also be considered for coastal properties, preventing salt deposits from settling on the glass surface by creating an ultra smooth surface that it is difficult for any dirt or debris to cling to. Low maintenance coatings will help reduce the amount of cleaning required for any architectural glazing in Cornwall, maintaining clear views.  


Frameless structural glazing in Cornwall  

architectural glazing in Cornwall new build

Many homes in Cornwall benefit from picturesque views of the surrounding countryside or seafront and frameless glazing solutions should be utilised to maximise the views and make the most of the surrounding location.

Structural glazing in Cornwall is characterised by its minimal nature, with all fixing and finishing details concealed within the building finishes to allow the views and natural light to be the primary feature. When it comes to specifying structural glazing there are little to no restrictions on size, shape or structure.  

Bespoke shaped windows and rooflights can be designed using Invisio, our in house developed structural glazing system. Invisio is the UK’s first thermally broken structural glass system and has been developed further to offer Invisio+, the same frameless system but with a deeper profile to accommodate triple glazed units for improved thermal performance.

oversized glazing in Cornwall new build home

When specifying Invisio our team of designers can take any specific performance requirements into account and design architectural glazing solutions that surpass the required performance without compromising on minimal and modern design.  

Slim framed glazing solutions such as sliding glass doors can reach staggering sizes, with some projects featuring 6m tall sliding doors, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor areas.

The minimal windows® sliding door system has sightlines from just 21mm, or 26mm for triple glazed units, which is perfect for making the most of your surroundings and forging a strong connection to nature in Cornwall.  


architectural glazing in cornwall

Highly glazed homes in Cornwall  

The IQ Glass South West team designed and installed the glazing package for Stone Haven, a sustainable new build in Cornwall that benefitted from a number of oversized glazing solutions to make the most of the stunning setting.

Slim framed sliding glass doors were designed in conjunction with frameless architectural glazing in Cornwall, creating a highly glazed design that contrasted the locally sourced materials used across the exterior design. To create a home that was both striking and durable, Woodford Architecture opted for a marine grade finish to all glazing items with solar control and low maintenance coatings.  


Glazing specialists in Cornwall  

marine grade glazing in Cornwall luxury new build

Our dedicated regional division are based in Taunton, to ensure architectural glazing projects in Cornwall and the surrounding areas can all benefit from our architectural glazing solutions. The team have years of knowledge and experience working on coastal projects, as well as inland projects, understanding the different glass specifications that are required in harsh environments.  

We have designed, supplied and installed bespoke glazing for all the top locations in the south west of England including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bath, Bristol and Dorset.


The team are fully operational and set up to conduct video calls and visit your office or site where requested. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your project specification.