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Large Sash Windows

The panoramah!® sliding door systems are also possible opportunities to create large vertically sliding glass windows. These oversized vertical sash windows are impressive feats of glazing technology, pairing the minimalist detailing of the panoramah! system with smooth action openings.

Both the ah!38 and ah!60 systems are possible as vertically sliding windows. The large insulated glass units are available at sizes up to 29m2 that slide effortlessly upwards, creating a gravity defying elevation of glass.

The minimally framed opening system functions by connecting the vertically sliding glass units to an integrated and hidden pulley system. Through the engineering of counterweighting the glass panes can slide naturally upwards manually. Even with oversized glass units the system operation can be manual and smooth.

Vertical Sliding Window

With the use of the panoramah! ultra slim framing solution these vertically sliding glass walls offer extremely minimal sightlines of only 20mm horizontally. All other surrounding framework is designed to be hidden by the building finishes for a modern yet beautifully simple window design.

These vertical sliding windows offer feelings of traditionalism with the smooth vertical sliding action of the opening. But the slim aluminium framing offers a modern design with sophisticated design and technological precision.

With panel sizes up to 29m2 per sliding pane architects can achieve impress widths of glass openings, allowing the use of minimally framed glazing as moveable glass walls.

As with all solutions from the panoramah! range, the vertically sliding sash solution offers an architectural resolution that encompasses light and transparency, which is a key element of modern architecture.

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exposed counterweights for sash window

Counter-weighted Sash Window

The vertically sliding solution from the panoramah! product range operates via a hidden counterweighted system. This pulley-weight solution is hidden within the head of the sliding glass wall with full design details available for CAD integration.

Vertically sliding glass moves smoothly via a multiple pane connection through this internal counterweight system. Two or more sliding glass panes can be used within each elevation.

When opened, the large sliding glass panes free a large portion of the building envelope helping architects to design an unbound spatial experience. The horizontal aluminium profiles offer a 20mm sightline for double height elevation of glass with maximum transparency.

Operation on the majority of installations can be manual via this internal pulley system however mortised opination is also possible.

Glass and Performance

Both the ah!38 and ah!60 slim sliding systems are available in a vertical sliding configuration.

The framing sizes, depths, performances, and glass rebates for these vertical sliders is inherited from the base minimalist slider.

The vertical sash system is available as standard in a double sliding sash where both the top and bottom pane slide. You can also specify a fixed + sliding + fixed configuration where the middle pane opens. These configurations are predetermined and established; however various other sliding configurations are possible on investigation.

Three pane vertical sliders that span multiple floors are possible as well as minimal sliding units that create Juliet balcony structures.

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