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Glazing for Double Height Windows

double height vertical sliding sash windows

With modern advances in architectural glazing, windows can now reach staggering sizes including spanning across two floors.  Double height windows, whether they’re fixed or a vertical sash windows can be used to bring elegance in minimalism to any project.

The double height windows are ideal for use is spaces such as double storey rooms, stairwells or by a mezzanine, and at IQ where flexibility is key, our experienced team can help create double height windows to meet a wide range of requirements.

By helping to ensure maximum levels of natural light, this striking architectural glazing solution exudes the feeling of luxury. These windows can be designed in a variety of ways, this article will explore how different types of windows can be combined for a beautifully unique architectural glazing installation.

Used with Opening Elements

Double height windows are an excellent way to bring more natural light into the home whilst offering clear views to the outdoors.

There are many design ideas for this type of glazing solution, standard casement windows can be stacked on top of each other, opening elements can be included in the design or gable end windows can be added at the top for a more geometric design.

At IQ flexibility is key and as such our double-height windows can be created to meet a wide variety of design requirements.

One very common use for this type of glazing solution is to surround a door. In a recent project, IQ combined double height windows with a sliding glass door to create a stunning glass façade at the front of the property. This project also included tall slit windows on either side of the home.

This can be used to encompass entrance doors at the front of the house, or on the rear elevation, the glazing can surround patio doors.

For ventilation, opening elements can be incorporated into the double-height window design. This could be in the form of a door or having part of the window able to be opened.


Double Height Windows with Glazing Bars

Frameless glazing or glazing with ultra-slim sightlines is well suited to most projects, however, some may desire a more traditional aesthetic.

IQ Glass have a range of steel framed glazing systems that can be used to create a classic and timeless design. Steel glazing is also an excellent choice for industrial style builds.

A double height glass extension on a traditional style home featured double height steel windows and steel framed doors. The extension adds a touch of elegance to the rear of the property and the kitchen and dining area within the extension now benefit from floods of natural light and beautiful views of their garden.

This project also included a side hung window, along with the two sets of casement doors make increasing airflow through the property an easy task.

The windows supplied by IQ Glass have ultra-slim thermally broken steel frames, boasting high levels of thermal efficiency. The slim frames have sightlines from 50mm for a frame with a vent and 30mm for the fixed steel frame. This ensures even with the glazing bars, natural light coming in and views outwards are not obstructed.

rowood farmhouse - double height mondrian windows with an external mondrian steel door

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

For a slightly more unique double height window design, a vertical sash window is ideal.  IQ offer two types of vertical sliding sash windows, the panoramah! vertical sash window and the minimal windows vertical sash window.

Both of these guillotine style windows have minimal sightlines,  impressive performance levels and make a stunning focal point as a double height window.

IQ has supplied these glazing systems for many projects, including wide vertical sash windows that are opened manually using counterweights, or slim automated systems.

One project included an abundance of double height glazing, both at the front and rear of the home. A combination of fixed and automated windows were incorporated into the home.

To the rear of the property there were three double height automated vertical sliding windows. The minimal windows system used on this project can be opened with the push of a button, sliding effortlessly.

With ultra slim vertical sightlines and a unique design, a vertical sash window is the perfect addition to any contemporary architectural design.

The front of the property featured two tall slit windows either side of the entrance door as well as floor to ceiling glazing in most rooms. This stunning project featuring striking glazing elements is the embodiment of contemporary architectural style.

camlet way phase 2 - minimal windows automated double height vertical sliding windows

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is also used for double height windows. A huge benefit of using structural glass is that due to the frameless nature of the glass it embodies the minimal architectural style.

The lack of frames ensures that nothing is taken away from the rest of the building design and the views are completely uninterrupted.

This type of glazing is popular for use in windows by stairwells to bring natural light into an area that can suffer from darkness

When using structural glass the glazing tends to be fixed, as without a frame opening elements cannot be included.

In regard to ventilation, a casement or tilt and turn can be used in conjunction with the frameless structural glass to ensure the inside of the property is adequately ventilated.

A common question asked is how to clean double height windows, and at IQ we offer low maintenance glass as a glazing option, meaning the glass will not need to be cleaned as often. So whether you’re cleaning your windows yourself or someone else is doing it, this glazing option would reduce the cleaning times as well as the frequency.

high acres barnet - double height glass elevation by the stairwell of a modern villa


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