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double height glazing with vertically sliding windows

Large Sash Windows

Using IQ’s years of expertise and knowledge in the construction and glazing industry IQ Glass are able to seamlessly weave together differing window and glass systems, casements next to structural glass, Minimal Windows, Sliding Folding doors, and flawlessly integrate all aspects into your design.

The minimal aluminium framing of IQ’s most popular large sliding glass doors is now available as a large, contemporary guillotine window!

The large sliding glass leaves can be specified up to a massive 6m wide and 12m tall per installation with the minimal aluminium surround framing.

Smoothly sliding open at the centre these sliding guillotine windows are a fantastic addition to any contemporary architectural design and really add the ‘wow’ factor to the glazing elements.

Vertical Sliding Window

Because of the massive sizes that these guillotine windows can achieve the sliding glass sashes can be used as a full façade on double height spaces.

The high standard of manufacture ensures that your 'IQ Glass' package is a quality solution. High and varying levels of performance in thermal insulation, solar gain and transparency are available and the IQ Glass team are able to assist in specifying your 'window and door package' so that the performance requirements of your project are met cost effectively.

The sliding sash window can be designed with automated motors for electrical opening or counter weighted for a smooth manual opening action. The size of the moving elements of sliding glass will determine the size of clearance required to the side of the Guillotine Window installation to allow for these moving mechanics.

To maintain the slim 21mm horizontal transoms IQ integrate a minimal two point locking system operated via a thrust lever handle. When the small handle is turned steel shot bolts fit from within the horizontal 21mm transom frame into the opening sides, locking the windows closed and into the building structure. 


tall slot windows that slide upward

Additional Information

The Guillotine Window is adapted from the minimal aluminium framing of IQ’s slim framed sliding glass doors. Typical configurations available are either a three-pane, centrally opening glass elevation or a two-pane, top opening glass elevation. Although, as this is a bespoke architectural glass solution, we can create a design and configuration to suit your building.

The size, weight and configuration of the sash window will affect the operating mechanism that is used, which can be either electorally operated via motors or moved via counterweighting.

With either opening mechanism, a void of roughly 200mm x 200xx will be required on either side of the Guillotine Window installation.

You can download a typical section detail of a two-pane counter weighted Guillotine Window here. View and download the Product Information sheet for the IQ Guillotine Window here.

Glazing Bar Designs

 These slim framed sash windows can be designed with an integrated glazing bar design. The aluminium glazing bars are applied to the surface on the glass both inside and out in the pattern of your choosing.

Within the gas cavity of the double-glazed unit we include a ‘dummy spacer bar’. This sits within the gas cavity with the glazing bars applied to the surface of the glass on either side. By doing this we create a much more authentic glazing bar design in keeping with more traditional building designs.

Due to the nature of integrated spacer bars and slim elements of aluminium we recommend a maximum glass size of 1300mm x 2440mm per glass unit with integrated glazing bars.

sliding doors with glazing bars

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Guillotine Window Technical Specification Sheet

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