February 10, 2021

Sliding Doors With Hidden Track Curtains

Written by Rebecca Clayton

modern bedroom with concealed curtains

Add a soft edge to minimalist glazing installations

Large elevations of slim framed or frameless glass designs are the epitome of luxury, allowing floods of light into interior living spaces and boasting uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment.

When specifying these systems, solar control and privacy are two factors that must be considered at the earliest possible stage, to gain the best results. There is a range of invisible solutions provided by IQ Glass that work to combat these issues, such as solar control glass and switchable privacy glass, but sometimes a softer approach is preferred.

Contemporary sofa space with concealed curtains over glass wallsTo introduce a soft edge within these minimal glazing installations, modern curtain systems are the perfect choice.  Designed to either contrast or blend into the interior design scheme, curtains can work to enhance oversized glazing whilst reducing the solar glare and offering privacy.

Where curtain systems are desired to accompany large elevations of glazing, we want to ensure the glazing remains the primary design feature and the design never becomes cluttered. The best way to incorporate curtains whilst maintaining a minimal design is to specify hidden track systems. This means that the head detailing of the curtains, formerly where a curtain rod may have been in view, is completely concealed within the building finishes.

Opting for this method allows flexibility in design, with options for how much light is allowed to penetrate the space at any given time. For enhanced functionality, the curtain systems can be completely automated, even built into your home automation system and controlled using your smartphone.

minimal curtain track hidden in ceilingExperts in the field of luxury curtain design are Grants Blinds, who create bespoke curtain and blind systems specifically designed to complement our signature slim framed glazing solutions. These advanced systems from Grants Blinds ensure that the curtain head track is hidden within the ceiling, leaving no trace of the operating mechanism for the cleanest, minimal installations.

A Reese™ track is installed during construction of the home, recessed into the ceiling. The manual or electric curtain track is then installed flush with the finished ceiling, once construction work is complete. The curtains, runners and track are removable, allowing homeowners to easily change the curtains attached if their design preferences change. This also enables general maintenance to be carried out with ease, as well as easy removal of the curtain material itself for cleaning.

Concealed track curtainsWhen Grants Blinds install a recessed curtain track, all that can be seen is one narrow slit along the ceiling, where the curtains will slide. The recessed curtain track is extremely minimal and has been designed with a wide range of interior design schemes in mind. The beauty of the recessed track system is the adaptable design, with curved edges and bespoke shapes within reach. This means that any one of IQ Glass’s glazed systems, including curved glass walls, can be accompanied by curtains.

The design possibilities available to you through IQ Glass and Grants Blinds are truly endless. Double curtain tracks are available in a range of designs, to provide homeowners with the option of having either a soft curtain or full blackout. Again, with double curtain designs, the tracks are hidden within the building finishes.