January 14, 2021

See How our Sliding Roof Lantern Can Change Your Space

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Glass rooflight with automated sliding access

Sliding roof lantern brings light and grants rooftop access to terraced home

Glass lantern rooflight with automated sliding for rooftop accessA recently completed project, close to London’s Borough High Street, now benefits from a sliding rooflight lantern. The impressive glazed installation grants rooftop access from below, allowing the homeowners to enjoy a rooftop terrace space.

Often in densely populated areas, residential dwellings are limited on garden size but have a flat roof space. Creating a modern rooftop garden would expand the homeowner’s useable space whilst offering them outside space that they may not otherwise find. The addition of ventilation and natural light to the spaces below are just two of the benefits that come with creating accessible rooftop gardens with our specialised rooflight systems.

Structural glass forms the glass panes of the structure, back-painted along the edges to create a neat finish and conceal any visible fixings or joins. The aluminium frame is finished in the same black as the surrounding fence enclosing the rooftop space. Finished with decorative metal detailing on top of the lantern, the installation merges with its surrounding environment.

Sliding glass lantern rooflightThe living space below now benefits from a huge amount of natural light, flooding in through the glass panes and bouncing through the internal living space. The lantern system sits on a track and slides effortlessly back and forth, over the existing flat roof, when required. From the interior, the track details are concealed within the building finishes for a seamless, minimal look.

Always at the forefront of glazing technologies, IQ has created the sliding lantern system with a range of optional integrations. For added functionality, our sliding rooflight systems can be automated, providing rooftop access at the click of a button. IQ use specialist motors to ensure smooth operation, with the glass wieght and size of the rooflight determining the motor required.

Large automated rooflightDue to the adaptable nature of structural glazing, these lantern designs can reach impressive sizes and encounter little limitations on shape or size. A brilliant way to expand useable space without sacrificing elegant design, the sliding lantern rooflight is characterized by its traditional structure.

For a more minimal look or in keeping with a flat roof design, you can specify the MARS. The MARS rooflight offers an advanced automated sliding rooflight system to push architectural boundaries and provide roof access.

To speak to a member of the technical team about specifying a sliding rooflight solution in your next project, enquire at hello@iqglassuk.com.