Frameless Glass Lanterns

IQ Glass can design and engineer complex glass lantern rooflights with no visible supports of framing for a modern twist on a traditional concept.

All Glass Lantern Rooflights

Where a more traditional lantern shaped rooflight is wanted from your structural rooflight design IQ Glass can engineer a modern, frameless structural glass construction in a traditional lantern shape.

By utilising IQ’s Strengthening Interlayers into the glass used within the structural glass lantern rooflight you can increase the tensile and deflection strength of the glass panels used which can reduce the thickness of glass, the amount of fixings needed and support required. The use of these strengthening interlayers allows the glass panels in the lantern rooflight to rest against each other with no visible framing and takes the structural load of the lantern shape.

Modern Twist on a Classic

Supporting glass beams constructed from laminated panels of low iron glass can also be shaped and cut to fit various shapes and pitches of a glass lantern rooflight. These fully glazed supporting methods help to create a fully frameless lantern rooflight shape.

Externally the lantern rooflight will appear flush and frameless.

Finishes such as solar control coatings to larger frameless lantern rooflights can be hugely beneficial in keeping internal spaces comfortable even in well sunlit areas. These odd shaped rooflights can be difficult to shade using traditional internal blinds especially when there are no visible frames to support blind runs.

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