December 22, 2020

New Marble finishes for the Apertio Solid front door range

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Marble finish (2) Apertio aluminium entrance door

Choosing a luxury stone finish for your entrance door

The Apertio front door range offers a highly bespoke entrance door design suitable for any project, with a huge range of stunning finishes that provide a truly luxurious touch to the kerb appeal of any contemporary project.

The Apertio solid range boasts a reinforced solid steel core, slim aluminium frames and an outer skin that can be clad in a whole range of materials – including lacquered glass, timber and modern metallic panels. A new exciting line of solid stone finishes sourced from diverse countries across the world is now available to choose from.

This article showcases samples of each of the latest designs, for inspiration when choosing your own aluminium front door with a truly unique edge.

Marble finishes

Apertio brown Italian marble effect aluminium front doorArabescato Orobico Grigio

This classic marble finish uses a luxury marble sourced from Italy. The soft grey tones are complemented with gold brown veins for a rich and welcoming front door design.





Brown marble finish to aluminium front doorFior di Bosco

This grey-brown Italian marble design is shot through with thin white and gold threads for a more subtle and understated pattern.





Grey marbled aluminium front doorInvisible Grey

An intricate web of veins, this neutral marble is sourced from Turkey and features a clean white background covered with a complex network of grey stains and threads with a few splashes of bright yellow.





Black marble finish to aluminium entrance doorSahara Noir

For a truly bold statement, this rich black marble is crisscrossed with delicate white-gold veins. The soft marble is sourced from Tunisia and contrasts perfectly with surrounding walls designed with a subtle white or neutral palette.



Apertio entrance door with blue marble finishSodalite Blue

This Brazilian marble finish is sourced in a brilliant blue, darkening across deep indigo until almost black across the face of the door. Bright white veins with pinkish hues evoke a stunning raw oceanic feel to the final look.







Quartz finish

Brown marble finish to IQ Glass Apertio solid entrance door rangeFusion Brown

This beautiful Brazilian quartzite finish is produced after intensely heating and pressurizing pure quartz sandstone. It has a warm brown hue with tapering rivers of creamy golden brown running the length of the door.


Onyx finishes

White onyx finish to aluminium entrance doorBianco Lucido

This pure white onyx finish is sourced from Iran and is characterised by a bright white overall colour, with subtly striking paler white calcite veins for a soft, cloudy effect. Ivory White For a small splash of colour, this Turkish onyx is broken up by soft undulations of beige, brown and white for a beautiful 3D shaded effect.




Orange blue marbled onyx finish to aluminium entrance doorOcean Blu

A bold clash of colours characterises this vibrant door design, with dark blue onyx sourced from Iran shot through with gold and ochre veins. The dark base colour is marbled across the surface of the door, ranging all the way to lighter blue and even white stains across its face.

bespoke aluminium entrance door design with exotic marble patternScorpione

The final onyx design in the range, the Scorpione exudes an exotic feel with its bold browns and greens. Darker veins create a striped layered design that evokes the feel of an arid desert or canyon, perfect for creating a showstopping centrepiece to any project design.






Bright stone clad aluminium entrance doorNatural stone finish

For a more understated feel, the natural stone collection is inspired by the historic marble designs found throughout the museums of its source country, Italy.

With a gently waved pattern breaking up the hard face of the door, the pale yellow tones create a calming and subtly elegant effect.



Final Thoughts

The Apertio range has a stunning variety of authentic finishes available. Together with its exceptional performance ratings and unbeatable security, it provides a truly modern all-round solution for anyone looking to make an impact with an aluminium entrance door.

You can read more on the unique characteristics of this bespoke front door range, including locking options, handles and other available finishes, on the product info page. For tailored expert advice on your own project, or to request a quote, get in touch with the team today.

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