September 17, 2015

In a Contemporary Design, How Can I Include White Frames in Windows and Doors?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

iq-glass-white-frames-in windows-and-doors
In contemporary architectural design, dark greys seems to be the current colour of choice when designing the window and door elements of a build. These darker frame colours aren’t as harsh as black but create a slim, neat framing appearance. But white frames in windows and doors can be used effectively in contemporary designs when used in a contrasting colour palette.

Using aluminium allows windows and doors to be manufactured with a slimmer profile because it is a much stronger material and the frames can be made much thinner meaning more glass can be used, maximising the light and views. All aluminium framing from IQ Glass can be powder coated any required colour, including many shades of white. The neat design you achieve with aluminium white frames in windows and doors, is a perfect option for contemporary designs.

A flush window design works very well with the minimalist ethos of contemporary homes, by adding a twist on such an essential product.

Spiral House featuring, flush glazed bi fold doors and Innovare windows with white frames Spiral House featuring, flush glazed bi fold doors and Innovare windows with white frames

There are many different ways white framing can be incorporated into your home designs, on the right is an example of the most recent contemporary design project in London. IQ Glass designed bespoke bi fold doors which were installed on a small house project, using both IQ’s bespoke flush glazed  Bi Fold Doors and Innovare Windows.

The bi fold doors were part of our exclusive Innovare range where the external glass face of the bi fold doors was stepped over the inner framing, to create a flush external appearance.

IQ Glass Bespoke Bi Fold Doors with white framing

To complement this frameless, flush elevation of glass our Innovare windows were paired effectively with the brick wall as the opening windows to the bedroom and living areas. The slim frame windows sit flat with the brick wall and its white framing finish contrasts neatly with the rough brick exterior.

For more image inspiration and a closer look at the featured project please visit our Houzz Account: Spiral House