July 11, 2016

How to Create the Perfect in-home Snow Room

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Vitra Pivot Window

Snow rooms and Spa's the perfect Mix

If you are looking for a new way to create an in-house spa experience then snow rooms could be perfect for you.

Snow rooms are increasingly becoming a strong trend internationally within homes. By adding a snow room onto your spa area you can create hot and cold treatments in one. Traditionally, spas are all about heated treatments including saunas, Jacuzzis and hot steam rooms. It is becoming more popular to then have cold treatments as well as these heated ones as it is seen as being healthy for you and your skin.

IQ Glass are able to provide a choice of doors for you to use in these spa rooms. External grade doors are the best type of door to be able to deal with the two extreme temperatures around the snow room. Vitra pivot windows are a perfect example as they are double glazed as well as having a very slim frame so you do not lose space or a view of the opposite room.

Vitra Pivot Window Vitra Pivot Window

Another style of door that is suitable for a Snow Room Design to use is a Mondrian® internal door. This style of door offers a slim steel frame that can add a more modern aesthetic to your treatment area.

Both styles of door can incorporate heated glass. By having IQ heated glass, you will be able to prevent condensation and any frost from building up on the glass which can obscure the view from the snow room. However, if you are looking for a door that can allow more privacy then we also offer decorative glass. Our decorative glass can give you the privacy you need as well as allowing light between each room.

inMotion Sliding Door inMotion Sliding Door

If you would prefer a frameless glass door then you can also use the new inMotion sliding doors. These can give you easier access between rooms as well as giving your spa areas a very modern look and feel. To find out more about inMotion sliding doors please click here.