Slim Pivot Doors

Large glass pivoting doors with minimal, thermally broken frames.


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Slim Glass Pivot Doors

This minimally framed pivot door is a beautifully simple solution to rear patio, balcony, or occasional opening doors. With minimal detailing, clean lines and large glass faces the glass pivot door offers projects an impressive look.

Function of the pivot opening is smooth and effortless. As with all glass door solutions, bigger is better and the pivot opening can be detailed with extremely large glass sizes. With the use of oversized glass, large glass surfaces can simply twist and rotate, creating tall or wide openings within the building façade.

Double Height Glass Doors

The pivoting glass door is an inwardly or outwardly opening pivoted door leaf.

When closed the pivoting door offers a slim aluminium framing profile with a clean and minimal design, uncluttered by additional framing or componentry which slots neatly into the building elevation. When open the pivot door leaves a flush threshold at the base.

The vertical profiles of the pivot act as the ‘handle’ which minimises unnecessary intrusions within the frame or glass face. Minimalist design and detailing is inherent.

The system can also be fully integrated into a larger glass façade of fixed glazing or used within part of a large sliding door installation. With flexibility of design these glass pivot doors can be utilised on a wide number of project applications.

At the Showroom

Slim framed pivot doors are an excellent addition to any high-end residential project, offering a unique glazing system that can be manufactured to meet specific project requirements.

There are a number of slim framed glass pivot doors on show at the IQ Glass showroom, located just outside of London and easily accessible by public transport. This includes a bespoke oversized pivot door with thermally broken, anodised aluminium framing. 

Oversized glazing is a great way to maximise natural light flow into a home, create clear views of the outdoors and give internal spaces a strong connection to the outdoors.

Being able to see the systems up close and how they operate is far better than just seeing images online. Visit the showroom also gives one on one time with a technical sales advisor who can talk you through our glazing solutions whilst showing you. 

Click here for more information on our architectural glazing showroom or to book a visit.


The Unique Base Threshold

A key unique design feature of the minimal Pivot Door is its magnetic weather sealing base detail.

When the pivot door is moved to the closed position the magnetic weather bar rises up from the flush base frame. This slots into place within the pivoting door leaf creating a highly performing weather seal at the base of the pivoting doors.

Paired with an integrated water channel the system offers a high level of protection against driving rain from a slim framed, minimal system.

Performance of Slim Pivot Doors

One of the advantages of the minimal pivot door over others is that it has been fully tested as a door – not a window. The slim aluminium framing is fully thermally broken for use on the exterior building envelope.

Air Permeability up to Class 4 according to EN 12207

Water Tightness up to Class 6a according to EN 12208.

Resistance to Wind Loads up to Class C2/B3 according to EN 12210.

The above tested was completed for a pivoting door 1800mm wide x 3000mm tall. Larger pivot doors are available on request depending on the project location and specifics.

Framing and Glass Options

The minimal Pivot Door includes a double-glazed unit as standard with low e coating and argon glass filling. Additional coatings can be applied to the glass for additional performance, such as solar control coatings.

Further glass options such as decorative glass, glazing bars on the glass surface or low iron glass are also possible.

The aluminium framing can be finished PPC any RAL colour. Additional more specialist metallic finished are also possible depending on the project location.

All finishes are marine grade as standard so suitable for projects all over the UK and on our international projects as well.

Glass Pivot Door Locking Options

Locking is fully integrated into the slim vertical aluminium framing which maintains the system’s minimal design. The lock can be operated via a thrust lever internal handle or an integrated euro cylinder key.

With these locking systems only accessible from inside the system is highly secure and has been tested to RC2 security ratings.

The vertical profile can act as the pull handle or you could opt for an additional minimal D handle mounted onto the 20mm sightlines. This doesn’t change the appearance of the door and maintains the 20mm sightlines.