July 30, 2013

Glass Themed Interiors

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties
Bringing light into our homes seems to be something of a north European obsession. Is it something to do with the long, dark days of winter? Or perhaps it is part of the shift towards open plan living, where wide, clear spaces, flooded with light, tend to be the norm. Whatever the reasons behind this quest for natural light in our homes, it is definitely a trend that is here to stay.


Much of the move towards banishing the dark shadows in our homes have been helped by the developments in glass technology over recent years. This material is no longer reserved merely for windows, but is utilised architecturally, in all sorts of ways, in modern interiors. Glass walls, floors, ceilings, balustrades, and bridges are routinely incorporated in ingenious ways to spill light throughout contemporary homes. Just think how much more frequently roof lights are introduced into kitchen extensions these days; this is a direct result of the growth in glass appeal. Modern glass products, featuring specialist properties and coatings, have enabled issues such as temperature moderation and privacy to be largely overcome, opening up ever more scope for designers.


Glass extensions enable us to invite the outside in, even when the weather is poor. With clever glass design, the line between exterior and interior can be seamless; all of a sudden the space in which we live is increased enormously. Choose between framless glass sliding doors, which give an unbroken view of the outside world or bi-fold doors, which tuck away neatly, making the transition between house and garden smooth and super stylish.

Interiors that take in large amounts of natural light need to be furnished and decorated sympathetically. Choose soft furnishings in shades that can tolerate fading and if the light can sometimes be too bright, consider rich colours on walls or flooring materials that will absorb glare, as opposed to bright whites or pastels.

Tracing the glass theme through the interior styling often works really well, with table-tops in clear glass, topped with bright flower vases that sparkle and reflect the light. Other tricks of the light can be achieved by installing large mirrors, glittering chandeliers, glass lamps, and shelving; all are perfect for spreading sunshine around the room. Large pieces of art glass make a bold statement and fit perfectly in contemporary settings. Art glass is making a comeback, so keep an eye out for interesting pieces that may well prove a shrewd investment in the future. Alternatively, ornamental glass vase collections will send shards of shimmering colours bouncing around a room to a stunning effect.

Glass is the perfect solution for rooms that feel cramped and small. By opening up sightlines with glass walls, furnishings, or accessories, a sense of spaciousness is immediately achieved. Filling a room with light creates the illusion of pushing the walls outwards and with no dark corners or poky alcoves to eat precious space, the effect can be impressive.

For homes in need of energising, a glass theme can work wonders. Whether it's on a grand scale, with a new transparent extension, or a more scaled-back approach, with the addition of a few simple accessories and furnishings, choose glass for instant class.

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