May 5, 2017

Get the Look: Belle Vue

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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Architectural Glazing Elements to Bespoke Property

IQ Glass - Belle Vue

IQ Glass installed a range of architectural glazing elements to this bespoke property in Dorset including minimal windows sliding glass doors, frameless glass balustrades, curved glass and reflective glazing.

minimal windows sliding glass doors were installed to provide access between the indoors and outdoors. The slim framing maximises the natural light intake as well as views of the surrounding areas. Glass balustrades were installed onto the terraces to provide a clear, frameless barrier. This enhances the natural light intake into the home whilst providing safety.

Frameless effect curved glazing was installed to follow the shape of the property and to allow natural light into the internal living spaces. Reflective glass coatings were used to create the cladding on the garage for solar control, ensuring the garage space does not overheat.

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The Courtyard Showroom,
Sky House, Raans Road, Amersham