Reflective Glass Coatings

Mirrored coatings can be applied to glass to create a highly reflective finish for a mirrored appearance and improved solar control


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Reflective Glass Coatings

Reflective Coatings can be used on glass units to create a solar reflective surface suitable for solar control and a certain aspect of privacy.

Visual privacy through the glass can be achieved when the light levels are higher outside than inside. This light imbalance creates a reflective mirrored appearance from the external view, whilst from the inside the glass is transparent.

Traditionally, these types of reflective glass coatings were used on commercial buildings as an easy and effective way to control the solar radiation travelling into the buildings, thus reducing cooling costs.

Reflective glass is also used very effectively on residential projects to allow structures to merge with their environment or increase privacy in a highly glazed environment. 

‘One Way’ Glass

A reflective surface to a glass panel will reflect its surrounding environment, so it is perfectly suited to small areas of construction to minimise the effect a new building or addition has on the surrounding space.

When light levels are higher outside during the day these reflective surfaces can act as a privacy screen, reflecting visual light externally allowing little vision through the glass surfaces. Internally, looking out onto a higher lit external space, the glass is still transparent.

This privacy element is reversed at night when the light levels internally are higher than the internal light levels; this allows the glass to appear transparent and removes the element of privacy to the glass faces.

At the Showroom

If you would like to see an example of reflective glass coatings in person, a third of the glass facade at the IQ showroom has been constructed with reflective glazing. This includes a reflective glass bifold door and reflective structural glazing elements. 

The high level of solar control helps to keep the interior spaces cool, whilst giving this part of our glazing showroom a unique design. From the inside, you are able to see out clearly which has caught a few people out when they have been fixing their hair in the glass! 

Seeing these types of unique technical glazing solutions in person helps to appreciate the full effect, as well as having a technical sales advisor on hand throughout your visit to answer any questions about the solutions you see.

High-end residential projects can benefit massively from incorporating reflective glass as it provides both privacy and a reduction in solar gain. 

If you are working on a new build home, large extension or other exciting home projects, click here for more information on the IQ showroom or to book your visit. 


Glass Specification

A reflective glass coating is essentially a very high specification solar control coating. The coating can be applied to almost any specification of toughened glass from 4mm thick and upwards.

This glass pane can then be incorporated into almost any glass unit that is required for the project. This includes insulated glass units (like double and triple glazed units), laminated glass units, stepped and complicated glass units.

The resulting glass unit can then be used in a number of different applications; from framed glazing systems to frameless structural glass designs.

There are also options available for the tint of the reflective. These tints include blue, bronze, green and silver. Speak to the technical team at IQ for further specification advise.

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