August 12, 2014

15 Shades of Grey

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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IQ Glass Showroom 15 Shades of Grey Wall (1)Aluminium is the choice frame material for most contemporary architectural glazing installations. Our slim framed sliding doors are aluminium framed as well as our popular pivoting door, casement windows and bi fold doors.

One of the reasons for aluminium’s popularity is its versatility when it comes to finishing’s. Powder coating is the preferred method, coating the aluminium metal frame with a polyester coating of evenly layered colour.

At IQ Glass, as the UK’s leading architectural glazing company, we see trends come and go but one that stays constant is the preferred finishing colour of grey.

Grey is a hard colour to pin down as there are so many shades. Essentially grey is anything on colour scale between black and white.

At The Courtyard Showroom, we have recently installed our ‘15 Shades of Grey’ wall. Situated within the standalone glass box within the courtyard we have laid out the most popular colour choices for aluminium framing, the colours and finishes we are most often asked for.

RAL colour wall IQ Glass

The colour chart featured DB colours as well as a large array of RAL colours. All of the aluminium frames on show at IQ’s architectural glass showroom are powdered coated in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) which is the most popular of all the colours for aluminium frame finishes.

For more information about colour finishing options for frames or to arrange a time to come and view the 15 Shades of Grey wall for yourself at the Courtyard Showroom contact IQ Glass on

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The Courtyard Showroom and the 15 Shades of Grey can be found at our offices in Sky House based in Amersham.

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