Useful Information about Architectural Glazing

The Amazing Benefits of Skylights

Understanding the benefits of skylights and why you should specify them in your project!

Skylights are effective, modern and flexible glazing solutions that will allow ventilation options while provide light-poor rooms with increased natural light.

The main benefits of skylights are:

  1. Increasing natural light into light-poor rooms or areas.
  2. Suit both modern and traditional projects. 
  3. Flexible design choices.
  4. Can be used to improve ventilation.

Benefits of skylights - Using skylights to increase natural light.

The main reason you may specify a rooflight for your project is due to the fact that you may require/ desire more natural light into a certain space. Rooflights can be used in any area of a project where natural light is desired. A roof glazing system is most commonly specified for living rooms and social areas where foot traffic is high as light filled spaces often promote social gatherings and conversation. It is important to know that South and West facing skylights will be exposed to the most sunlight!

Benefits of skylights - Integrating skylights into modern and traditional projects.

As is the case with many of our glazing systems, our various types of rooflights can be integrated into both modern and traditional projects. This design flexibility allows for unique rooflights to be installed to either complete an ultra modern new-build home or bring a touch of the 21st century into a listed home.

Benefits of skylights - Flexible design choices and options

Skylights can be fixed as well as opening. At IQ we have several rooflight systems that can cater to the project needs. Our Inviso rooflight is a fixed, non-opening rooflight with thermally broken frames for exceptional thermal performance. This system is great for larger rooflights, and for openings that are unique shapes such as circles or ovals.

For opening rooflight solutions the IQ designed M.A.R.S, H.E.R.A and A.R.E.S rooflight systems are high performing and offer various opening types such as sliding and venting. These systems are great for increasing natural light levels while also improving ventilation.


Benefits of skylights – Improving ventilation

If an opening skylight is specified, the system can be used to improve ventilation levels especially in a kitchen/ social area. Social spaces are often susceptible to feeling “stuffy” if busy enough. This feeling can be reduced using an automated rooflight such as our A.R.E.S system. The same rooflight can be used to reduce the smell of cooking if necessary.

If you are looking to specify a rooflight, or have any questions for our team, contact us here today!