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Slot Windows in Luxury Home Design

It is important for any architect considering the design of a residence to carefully select how that morning sun will illuminate the home. IQ Glass has seen a tremendous rise in the use of our beautiful slot windows, flooding homes with sunlight to maximise the use of as much natural light as possible. 


What you need to know about Slot Window designs 

Slot windows can be used in a variety of ways to help grasp the beaming sunlight. It is important to note that slot windows can function as beautiful portals into the night sky for any sunset viewing.  

Slot Windows Designs 

When integrating slot windows into your design your imagination is the only thing holding you back. Slot windows hold very little restrictions which is perfect for designing a bespoke home, they can be placed anywhere from above a conservatory, IQ Glass bi-folding doors, or even stood tall alongside the master bedroom to catch the morning sunrise.  

Slot windows can be placed horizontally, exactly how they were on Primrose Cottage in Buckinghamshire. Upon designing the carefully crafted glazed extension our slot windows were integrated to add that extra touch of style and class to really modernise this home.


Vertical slot windows are perfect for accompanying IQ Glass feature windows or bi-folding doors to catch that extra degree or two of light. As seen in Fairstead Essex this games room has been brought to life with greatly sized slim framed gliding doors and slot windows beside them. This home has also interpreted a large, angled slot window to ensure no light is lost as the sun travels over the throughout the day. 

To add a touch of architectural flair to slot windows various types of framing can be used to manipulate the look of a home. A feature very common on modern homes is frameless windows, these can be used to ensure you have maximum viewing space. If you have incorporated a feature wall these windows can sit in the background to provide focus on the featurette. Aluminium framing is also a seamless, timeless way to integrate slot windows. You can view this here, used in a family home in Buckinghamshire to ensure the beautiful views could not be overlooked. For a more classical look, timber louvres can be used if the modern and slimline trend isn’t your style. 

Slot Window Maximum Sizes 

With the use of high strength structural glass, IQ Glass can cut and manufacture your slot window after a simple calculating process. This bespoke service will allow you to freely design and create any space with slot windows.  

Slot Windows by Indoor Pools 

Indoor pools can be complimented and taken to a new level with a great amount of sunlight bouncing off them. While glass and water can be complicated, IQ Glass can implement slot windows into any indoor pool following the rules of glazing and laminating. 

As seen here in the sustainable Claywood House, our slot windows have been used to bring a new angle of light to this amazing indoor pool. With several slot windows used, the light bounces off the water to create a pattern of light around the room. The addition of the horizontal viewing slot window allows for relaxed viewing of the surrounding area. 

Glazing around a swimming pool needs to be designed in line with its required use and performance. 

To separate areas of different temperatures within the same building (such as separating a warm pool from an air-conditioned gym), thermally insulated glass must be used within a thermally broken frame. 

Swimming pools are marine environments with glass installations. When swimming pools are not properly finished, the harsh chemicals can damage the frames. We recommend pre-anodizing aluminium framing and fixings, then finishing them with marine grade PPC to your RAL colour reference. The base material should be stainless steel if the framing is steel. It is then possible to PPC to your choice from RAL colour references. 

Slot windows can make the difference between a good and a great design, make sure to not miss those extra hours of sunlight. 

Slot Windows in Traditional Stone

On a recent project in the Peak District we designed and installed a series of slot windows into the traditional stone walls of the cottage. This design was highly effective as it brought in strategic light to the cottage home. 

In order to create this design, the glazing was installed from inside, allowing the existing stone window openings to conceal most of the aluminium frame. Bespoke aluminium cills were used due to the depth of the window reveal for a minimal and neat finish. 

four slot windows in a traditional stone cottage


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