Useful Information about Architectural Glazing

Our Lead Times and Contracts Process

IQ Glass work on some of the UK’s most demanding building sites, contending with difficult locations, large glazing panels and highly bespoke installations. Despite all the technicalities of our manufacturing and installation process, we are still one of the most efficient and highly rated glaziers in the UK. This is thanks to our robust design and contracts management process which has been perfected and honed over our many years of business.

Our Lead Time Graphic

The process of designing and installing your architectural glazing includes many of the expert teams within IQ Glass.

This graphic gives you an overview of what happens to your project once you place the order with us.

Read on below for a more detailed guide to our contracts process.

This article will give you an understanding of what happens once you place an order with us.

Please note that this is a ‘typical’ contracts process.

Some extremely large projects or complex heritage glazing projects may have an altered timeline in order to comply with the strict site and design restrictions.

Find out more about lead times for specific systems here.

Deposit Paid

Once you have completed and returned your order form to your sales contact at IQ we will complete a full in-house handover between the sales team and the design and contracts team. When your project has been handed over to the design and contracts team we will draw up an invoice for the deposit payment.

In order for us to proceed with your design and contracts process, we need to receive payment of this deposit invoice. To ensure no delays on your project you should make this payment promptly.

Structural Glass Roof

Initial Design Drawing Issue

Our design process is highly detailed to ensure an effective installation and fantastic end result to the architectural glazing install. We advise allowing for the design process to take up to 15 working days (larger projects may have a longer lead time) from the date the deposit payment is received.

For digital drawings of the Sieger casement windows, doors and roof light system, please allow up to 5 working days. The drawings of these Sieger products are created using our integrated production computer system, which integrates directly with our aluminium fabrication factory to ensure a seamless transition route to the factory.

During this time one of our design team will put together the technical design drawings for your installation including base details, structural connections and glass specification design.

Our design team is in-house and is the largest glass design team throughout all of the architectural glazing companies within the UK.

Patio Doors

Drawing Revisions

Once you have received our initial design drawings you may want some changes to be made. Our best advise is to request all changes in one go. You should allow 5-10 working days for each drawing revision. If you send multiple different requests for drawing changes this may increase the lead time of your overall project (we cannot start manufacture of your architectural glazing until drawings are fully approved. Keep that in mind throughout the design process).

One of the main reasons for a delay in a project timeline is a long design period. This is normally due to many drawing revisions and amendments. Try and keep this process as efficient as possible to ensure your project sticks to your planned building program.


Approved Drawings

In order for us to place the order for the glazing with our factories, we need to have fully approved drawings and sizes. There are two ways in which you can provide us with approved sizes:

  • We agree opening sizes that we will manufacture to.
  • Our surveyor comes to site for a full site survey. In order for us to complete a site survey, the openings must be formed and ready to measure. We advise allowing up to 15 working days for a site survey dependant on our surveyor's availability.

In addition to approved sizes, we also need confirmation of any finishing or frame colours before the order is placed with the factory.

To ensure minimal delays with your project drawings, sizes and finishes should be confirmed and approved swiftly on completion of your design drawings.


2nd Stage Invoice Paid

Once you have approved our design drawings with sizes and finishes we will issue the 2nd stage payment invoice.

We will place the order for the materials with our factory once the payment of this invoice has been received. We will issue our invoices to our contractual client. This is the person that signed the order confirmation form. In order to ensure that there are no delays to your building schedule, you should ensure prompt payment of this invoice.

2nd stage invoice

Manufacturing Process

Once the 2nd stage payment has been received we will then place the order for the materials with our factories. This is when the manufacturing lead time will begin. Lead times for products differ from system to system and can also be affected by the complexity or bespoke nature of the architectural glazing that has been specified. There are a few factors that can affect lead times so it is important to should confirm lead times with your IQ Glass contact before order.

Lead times can be affected by things such as factory shutdown periods which will be communicated to you upon your order. Please also note that these lead times were correct at the time of publication. The exact lead times for your project will be communicated to you by the sales team when they issue your quotation.

Sliding Patio Doors

Installation Slot Booked

Our installation team is in-house and work all over the UK completing high specification architectural installations.

Once we have placed the order for your architectural glazing products with our factories we will then receive estimated delivery dates. This then allows us to provisionally book in an installation week in line with our labour planner. As the date of your installation approaches your contracts manager will be in touch to ensure that your site is ready for installation and that manufacturing is going to schedule.

Glass Box

Typical Reasons for Installation Delays

  • The invoices not paid swiftly - we only begin our detailed design works once the deposit invoice has been paid. We place the order for materials when 2nd stage payment is made. Ensure invoices are paid quickly to stop any delays.
  • The design drawings were not approved - we cannot proceed to manufacture until the entirety of what we will be installing is fully realised. This includes opening measurements and colour choices for the frame. One major cause of site delays is that the client cannot decide on a frame colour. It is best if this choice is made during the sales process to ensure minimal delays in design drawing approval.
  • The site was not ready for installation - we understand that in some cases there will be unexpected delays within the building schedule which will mean that it is not possible for us to install the glazing in the agreed week. We are able to store a limited amount of manufactured products in our warehouse for installation at a later date. Please do note that our installation dates are booked ahead of time but your contracts manager will do everything possible to get your glazing installed as soon as your site is ready.

For more information see our article: 7 Reasons Why Your Glazing Installation Was Delayed

Bifold Doors

Global Supply Chain Delays

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst our teams have continued to work tirelessly to deliver exceptional projects, we have seen an impact on the manufacturing and construction sector. In particular, shortages of steel, timber and foam were reported in the BBC. This affects all areas of business and the global shortage of raw materials is affecting all areas of retail. Despite our teams working throughout the lockdowns, utilising new technologies and innovative methods to deliver our renowned service, there has been a backlog as a result of factory and office closures of our suppliers.

Many of our suppliers are based on the continent, which means we, along with many other businesses, have also encountered delays as a result of Brexit. The cause of these delays have been increased checks and slower release times for goods arriving in the UK.

double height sliding glass doors in a contemporary barn conversion into a luxury home

Other Useful Tips

We will send our invoices for payment to our contractual client. This is the person that signed the order confirmation form. In order for swift invoice payments ensure that the person receiving the invoices processes these quickly.

We will manufacture and install what is shown on our design drawings. The approval process is there for you to confirm that we have drawn is what you want to be installed on site. Ensure that the person approving the drawings checks them thoroughly including the opening configuration of any doors/windows, base details, locking positions and finishing details.

What to do Next?

If you are interested in working with IQ Glass on your project we will need some information from you to create a quotation. Once complete, you can then place the order with us to begin the process above.

To get in touch with us just visit our contact us page and see the many ways in which you can get in touch.