Sliding Glass Doors

Motorisation of minimal windows

Our minimal windows and minimal windows 4+ sliding door systems are available in extremely large sizes with sliding leaves over 12 meters squared per sliding pane. Due to the exceptional engineering of the system, the large format sliding doors move effortlessly across the sliding tracks, however we may recommend automation if each sliding leaf weighs over 500kg.

In that instance there are many solutions available for automation, providing an effective and efficient electrical opening solution with minimal design at its core.

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Electric Sliding Door Motors

Concealed electromechanical motors and locking can be integrated into almost all configurations of the minimal windows. The compact linear drive is located to the inside of the head frame, housed in an aluminium case and mounted flush with the internal ceiling finishes. This housing effectively ‘merges’ the motor into the internal ceiling structure, maintaining a minimal architectural design.

The automated sliding leaves are moved linearly by a chrome-plated aluminium driver at a variably adjustable speed. Extremely powerful electric motors can move multiple sliding panels weighing up to 2,000 kg silently via timing belts. Several leaves can be moved in telescopic fashion with just 1 motor.

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Operation of Automated minimal windows

Operation can be conducted via pushbuttons in the room, radio remote control, app control or home automation systems as required.

Home automated integration is fully possible with the minimal window's motor. A control cable must be connected between the motor for the doors and the home automation system. The home automation system can then be controlled via Smartphones and apps depending on the manufacturer.

When specifying automated systems consideration must be given to the possibility of the inhabitant locking themselves out if the remote control is inside. For that reason number code switches or fingerprint scanners are available to be installed outside the doors.

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Safety of Electrical Sliding Doors

Motorised sliding doors must conform to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Due to the risk analysis of these large format sliding doors the below are the two options for operation and control:

Dead man control - The sliding door moves only when the pushbutton is pressed and stops immediately when it is released. The operator must watch the doors as they are closed to determine and ensure safety.

Automatic Operation - The sliding doors are activated by a short impulse (pushbutton / remote control/building management system). Using this type of operation safety regulations demand the integration of infrared sensors to stop the sliding doors automatically should something come into the path of the moving doors. Additionally, the sliding doors can be stopped in any place by pressing a separate stop button.

For improved performance of the automation arrangement, laser sensors are an optional improvement to the safety system. In some cases winds/air shimmers/airborne particles can activate infrared sensors, causing the sliding doors to stop movement for no reason. Laser sensors offer an improved detection of even the smallest of particles but are less likely to be disturbed unnecessarily, improving the automated movement.

In the event of a power failure, an emergency backup battery ensures operation for a short time. Emergency locking and release is also possible by manual access.

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