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IQ Glass Warranties

Operation and Maintenance Manual

When working with IQ Glass, each client will receive an operation and maintenance manual to allow them to understand the process of the work as well as how to maintain the glazing after the installation has been complete. Information on the warranty periods and warranty conditions are also included in this manual.

The manual will include a scope of works that allows our clients to see exactly what is being installed, technical information so that they have a better understanding of the health and safety risks within the design, the ongoing maintenance, warranty, and a directory of suppliers and manufacturers.

Maintenance and cleaning details are given to provide the clients with relevant information on how their latest glazing installations should be maintained.


IQ Glass Warranty Periods

Warranties are then provided in the paperwork by all suppliers, for example, IQ Glass UK and minimal windows®. Warranty certificates and conditions are then included. All warranty exclusions are listed in our terms and conditions. Please ensure these are read prior to order.

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IQ Glass drawings of the project are included as well as an operation manual, data information sheets and a handover document.

IQ Glass offer a 5-year warranty on all standard size glazed units, aluminium profiles, finishes, heated glazing and fire-rated glazing. A 2-year warranty on all moving parts, electrical components, nickel sulphide breakages and privacy glazing. A 1-year warranty on custom units/ oversized units (generally glass units exceeding 2400mm in both width and height). These dates are valid from delivery date ‘to site’.

During these periods we guarantee the reliability of the supplied material, the design, the resistance of the profiles to light and weather and the durability of the applied colour coating.

IQ Glass Solutions Limited cannot be held liable for other claims, including any consequential damages or loss.

IQ Glass Warranty Periods

IQ Glass Warranty Conditions

IQ Glass have a set of 8 warranty conditions that are given to each client, to ensure them of what will happen if certain issues occur.

1. The warranty applies only if the elements were supplied and installed by IQ Glass Solutions Limited.

2. The safety of the materials supplied is guaranteed for the aforementioned warranty periods only in the case of normal use and regular maintenance.

3. The warranty covers exclusively the replacement or repair of the faulty components and only after an appraisal by IQ Glass Solutions Limited.

4. IQ Glass Solutions Limited undertakes to rectify defects as quickly as possible in cases where a warranty claim is justified.

5. Any warranty claims must always be reported to IQ Solutions Limited in writing.

6. Spare parts exchanged under the warranty become the property of IQ Glass Solutions Limited.

7. The manufacturer’s warranty is not extended or renewed by a replacement or repair.

8. The warranty is rendered void if the client repairs or adapts the product supplied or has it repaired or adapted without the express agreement of IQ Glass Solutions Limited.

IQ Glass Warranty Conditions