Structural Glazing

Integrating an Arched Window into Your Perfect Glazing Package

Glass pill windows in Victorian property renovation

How can an arched window elevate your development?

Structural glass is used in many projects to elevate views and increase the interior light levels. Structural glazing is commonly used in standard square formations or combined with triangular specifications to create a configuration such as a gable-end window.

Using structural glass for an arched window.

An arched window is the ideal addition for a unique, bespoke glazing feature, which can be specified to a huge variety of configurations. Using structural glass for an arched window allows for the window to be specified to almost any shape and size. This gives the freedom for architects and homeowners to create a series of arched designs to create a fully bespoke façade.

Due to IQ’s Invisio structural glazing developments, the Invisio system can be cut to bespoke shapes such as arched windows and also has an integrated thermal break for exceptional thermal values. Another bonus of using the Inviso system is that the glazing is completely frameless. This further maximizes views and reduces sight lines.

Take Inspiration from our projects with arched window designs.

Frameless Arched Windows in a Brick Extension

The Old Rectory is one of the most unique residential developments that we have worked on to date. The historic nursing home had been left derelict for several years until the residents and Gruff Architects came together to create a family home that keeps the charm of the old British brickwork of the nursing home.

The highlights of the home include IQ structural glazing, especially the three types of arched window featured in the kitchen/dining area, which provide views of the new patio and garden area. The various arched windows range from top arched windows at two different angles, and a double-ended arched window that we refer to as a pill window.

Read more about The Old Rectory here.

Frameless Arched Windows in Historical Arches 

Blenheim Palace is one of our commercial developments which transformed a listed building’s exterior façade into a glazed space that still pays homage to the original

building structure. Blenheim Palace is now a museum, café and shopping space which features archways that are over 100 years old. The archways had top be fully closed to ensure that the interior of the building was watertight. This is why IQ were contracted to design single glazed arched doors and windows that are millimetre perfect to slot into the archways.

These bespoke glazing features are sealed with silicone and steel fittings to ensure that there is very minimal disruption of views and to let the archways be the focus of the building.

Visit the IQ Projects website here to see Blenheim Palace in more detail.


Arched Windows within a Coastal New Build

Fort Le Crocq is an international project that is located right on the coast of Guernsey, overlooking the seafront. The clue is in the name of Fort Le Crocq as it is based on an old castle that would have been in its place years before the building works began.

The castle themed home has three arched windows, one on each side of the front door and one arched top window to the rear of the property. The arched window installation was inspired by look-out windows that would feature in castle towers for defence purposes.



Specify Arched Windows on your Next Project

If you would like to specify arched windows or any glazing systems for your next project, send the team your drawings here.